God’s Promises, Key To Possessing The Nations – Pastor Boadu-Yirenkyi

The Personal Assistant to the International Missions Director, Pastor Gideon Boadu-Yirenkyi, has asserted that reliance on the promises of God is key to realising the vision of possessing the nations.

Pastor Boadu-Yirenkyi said this on Monday, June 3, 2019 during Morning Devotions at the ongoing training workshop for newly-posted internal and external Missionaries.

Reading from Psalm 2:8-9, he stated that God has promised believers that He is ready to possess the nations through them only if they are willing.

“God has promised us in His word that we should just ask Him and He will make the nations, even to the ends of the earth, our inheritance. We will need to rise and ask God, He will surely release the nations, towns and communities to us,” he said.
With further reading from Joshua 1:1-11, Pastor Gideon Boadu-Yirenkyi stated that, at every point in time God prepares leaders to lead His people.

“God does not choose people to merely fill emergency vacancies, rather, He prepares them,” he stated.
Pastor Boadu-Yirenkyi exhorted the newly-appointed missionaries of the Church to count it a great favour for them to have been chosen and prepared by the Lord for their new appointments. He encouraged them that, since the whole earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, God will surely meet their needs on the mission field.

Having served as an internal missionary, Pastor Boadu-Yirenkyi recalled how God saved him and his family from their assailants.

He narrated that, his car tyre burst in a solitary region of no hope. When he got down to fix a spare tyre, two young men came from the bush on a motorcycle sternly gazing at them. The assailants assumed different directions still watching them from a distance with hostile faces. However, the men could not get closer neither were they able to harm them.

After, the deflated tyre was replaced, and they continued the journey, he began to reflect on the incident. The Lord ministered to him that even at that point of danger, God’s angelic presence prevented the men from robbing or causing harm to them.
In like manner, he encouraged the participants at the training seminar that the presence of the Lord will be with them to possess the nations.

Citing the example of Joshua from the text, he outlined three things that Missionaries and Christians must do to ensure that God’s promises are fulfilled. They are; being courageous without entertaining fear and doubt, meditating on God’s word which is the embodiment of the promises, and taking steps on the premise of their faith.

Report By: Pastor Gordon Ansah

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