God Needs Awakened Men To Possess The Nations – PEMEM Director

The Director of the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM), Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, has said that the “possessing the nations” agenda depends on the commitment and dedication of men, who are fully awakened and well-focused on the Great Commission.

Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh made this assertion on Thursday, June 16, 2022, when he gave a presentation on the topic, “When Men Went To Sleep” Matthew 13:24-30 at the Aflao Area PEMEM joint service at the Shekinah Temple, Aflao. 

In his exposition, Apostle Anane Denteh noted that the progress of every nation, family and church hinges on the alertness of men and their commitment to duty.

“Men who sleep on duty cannot achieve any good thing in the society. Therefore, if we want to equip men to possess the nations, then they must first be awakened,” he said. 

He further noted that anyone asleep cannot respond to a call to duty and could not be counted upon to accomplish a task.

“To be given a task and be able to accomplish, it a person must be awakened from his sleep to be sent,” he added. 

“If a home can be a successful place with great progress, the men in the house must be awakened. Likewise, if the church is to make progress in the Kingdom business, then men in the church must be awakened. A married man who is awakened can discern his child’s future and give them the best education so that when the child becomes successful in future, they could take care of him,” he said. 

Expounding Matthew 13:24-30, Apostle Anane Denteh explained that the enemy is only able to cause harm when people go to sleep. 

He, therefore, cautioned men to wake up from their slumber and be watchful and discerning in order to secure the future of their homes, professions, churches, communities and nations, stressing that: “Having a good intention is not enough because the devil is always looking for an opportunity to sow bad seeds in your life.”

Apostle Anane-Denteh urged Christian men not to be reactive to situations but always look ahead and exercise utmost patience, especially when afflicted, and trust that God will surely show up and bring victory. 

“No matter the challenges, the Lord will give us the solution to address them. When you find yourself in a difficult marriage, do not take a shortcut by resorting to divorce. Instead, if you remain patient in the presence of the Lord and obey His word, whatever is yours shall return to you regardless of what the devil will do. Men ought to pray and patiently wait for God’s deliverance.”

Apostle Anane Denteh also used the occasion to share with the congregation the four-year strategic vision of the Pentecost Men’s Ministry and urged all men to embrace it and work hard towards the realising the possessing of the nations agenda. 

Report by Pastor Francis Lamptey (Aflao Area Reporter)

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