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God Intentionally Connects Us For Prosperity – Elder Amo Tobin

The Chief Executive Officer of Tobinco Group of Companies and National Executive Committee (NEC) Member of the Evangelism Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Elder Dr Nana Samuel Amo Tobin, has revealed that God intentionally connects people for prosperity.

Speaking on Thursday morning, April 11, 2024, at the ongoing ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade,’ Elder Nana Tobin revealed that it is not by accident that peoples paths cross but rather by the engineering of God from the beginning of creation.

He explained that God has engineered life in such a way that He makes it possible for His people to meet, work and live with people who are wealthy and can transform their lives.

Elder Nana Tobin used his life story as an example, narrating how in his quest to expand his chemical shop business from low quantities to larger quantities, shared 200 complimentary cards in India and Mumbai to potential customers.

According to him, God through His will to connect people, made the CEO of S.M Pharmaceutical Company get in touch with him and gave him drugs to sell on credit. This, he said, transformed his business and finances.

Elder Samuel Amo Tobin indicated that not only does God connects people for wealth creation, He creates such connections for the salvation of lost souls.

He indicated that God has placed Christians close to unbelievers so that they can share with such persons the gospel and invite them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.

“Sometimes people will die and go to hell not because they want to, but it is because Christians didn’t share the word of God with them and invite them to church,” he lamented.

He narrated how God connected Saul to Ananias after he went blind on the road to Damasus so that Saul will receive his salvation through his healing as captured in Acts 9:10-19.

The ‘Tarkwa For Christ Crusade’ is seeing spectacular attendance as thousands of people patronise the crusade for divine encounter.


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