Four Ministers Ordained In Yendi Area

Overseers Isaac Berko (Tatale District), Michael Kofi Arthur (Zabzugu District), Samuel Amponsah Mensah (Juo-Nadundo District) and Sinsah Noah Dari (Chereponi District), all in the Yendi Area of The Church of Pentecost have been ordained Pastors of the church.

The ordination service, which took place on Friday, July 24, 2020, was officiated by Aps Wilberforce Nkrumah Agyemang (Bolga Area Head) and Pastor Emmanuel Kojo Aidoo (Yendi Area Head).

As part of the event, 130 officers were ordained to serve as Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses of The Church of Pentecost.

Speaking on the topic “Divine Appraisal”  based on Mark 5:1,43; Daniel 5:27; 2 Corinthians 8:20-21), Apostle  Nkrumah Agyemang encouraged ministers in general, and the newly-ordained ministers in particular, to act prudently and rightly in the sight of God and honestly in the sight of men.  He stressed that a good conscience is a prerequisite in ministry.

Drawing lessons from the scriptures concerning Jesus’ encounter with the mad man of Gadara, Apostle Nkrumah Agyemang noted that the men in the town who lost their pigs would have disapproved of Jesus, but the mad man had been healed and thus God would give Jesus a hundred per cent, emphasising that what God says matters.

With the story of Belshazzar, the people with him would have given him a hundred per cent approval but when God weighed him, he was found inadequate. He advised strongly that ministers should not follow the crowd to do what pleases men rather than God.

Before concluding his sermon, he advised that ministers should avoid being “bookmen;” who have knowledge of all matters of heaven but are disqualified by their lifestyle. Also, he cautioned ministers not to allow transfers nor the occupation of their wives define their ministries but focus on what God has placed before them.

Report by Yendi Area Media

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