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‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ – Pastor Jonathan Kofie Tells Christians

The Achimota District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor Jonathan Kofie, has said that no great victory can be attained in life without partnering with other like-minded persons, saying, “We all need somebody to help us achieve our purpose in life.”

Pastor Kofie said this on September 17, 2019, during the third edition of the Achimota District Week celebration dubbed, “For We Can Certainly Do It,” which was held at the Achimota central auditorium.

Speaking on the theme, “With God On Our Side We Are Well Able,” Pastor Kofie indicated that the most important partner that every Christian needs in order to succeed in any field of endeavour is God.

He explained that believers need to partner first with God because “when God is with you, you are always stronger than the multitude.” He added: “Once we make an effort to draw near to God, He also draws near to us because God is a lover of anyone who diligently seeks Him.”

He further indicated that Christians also need to partner with other like-minded believers to achieve success in their journey on earth.

Reading from Joshua 15:13-19, Pastor Kofie noted that Caleb was a man who understood the power of partnership. “Caleb didn’t fight the Anaks and the inhabitants of Debir alone, but he sought partnership from the people of Israel and Othniel answered to the call to join forces with Caleb and together they defeated their enemies,” he explained.

He added that everyone has a role to play in life. “Although Simon and Levi were cursed when their brethren were being blessed, yet Judah needed them to succeed in their warfare before they could possess the land,” he asserted.

“The possessing the nations’ agenda of The Church of Pentecost cannot be accomplished in isolation; it requires unity, partnership and the coming together of like-minded people to make the vision a reality,” he posited.

Pastor Jonathan Kofie also touched on the use of the giftings and talents of God. “The gifts God gives us are not to be kept hidden but to be used to bless others and bring glory to God.

“Whenever we hoard the gifts that God gives us, we impede the success of many others whose destinies have been linked with ours. When that happens, we hinder our blessings as well,” he stressed.

He also advised the congregation to be watchdogs and to help in the fight against corruption and other vices in the society.

He concluded by admonishing them to see the greatness in one another and to work together to possess the nations for Christ.

Report by Blessed Amonoo.

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