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Evangelism Is Emergency Service – Apostle Dr Col. Kumi-Woode To Christians

Apostle Dr Col. B. K. Kumi-Woode, the Director of Airforce Religious Affairs, has called on Christians to see November, which has been declared as ‘Aggressive Evangelism Month,’ as a call for emergency service for the Lord. 

Speaking at the launch of the Ashaiman Area One-Member-One Discipled Soul on Sunday, October 29, 2023, at the James McKeown Temple, Apostle Dr Col. Kumi-Woode likened the Christian to the Fire Service personnel, who is always ready on standby for emergencies of any fire outbreak. 

“The Fire Service personnel knows that his work is of an emergency nature, so he is always ready, and their equipment is also ready to be called upon any time. They are never taken unaware,” he said, stressing, “This should be the attitude of Christians as well.” 

Speaking on the theme, “Snatch others from the fire and save them,” Jude 1:23a, he called on believers to move into action during the Aggressive Evangelism Month, saying God is counting on them to save the world.

He said that soul-winning is not assigned to angels but to believers who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 

Stressing further, he said: “We as believers are fire service operators, for sinners are in fire because they are under the control of the devil. Their lives are being destroyed, and for such, we need to rescue them.”

He asked believers to realise that the devil is also in emergency service, driving many into hell, so the Christian emergency service must come in. He reminded Christians that the end of the wicked is severe, and they must not allow any sinner to die in their sin, for that will make God a loser because one of his creations has found his way to hell. 

“We should not allow people to become evangelists after death as was the case of the rich man in the Bible (Luke 13:19-31), and we must ensure we do everything possible to snatch them from the devil’s burning fire.” 

In his military element, he charged the members with the command, “Just go. Preach the word, proclaim the truth, for unbelievers surround us, and we ought to preach the word.” 

He added: “You don’t need to memorise many scriptures before you can preach; you can also use just one scripture to preach Christ. Use your testimony as a reference point to preach, and we will win the world for Christ.” 

He indicated that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent, making evangelism an emergency service. 

The Area Evangelism Leader, Pastor Alexander Mireku, speaking on behalf of the Area Head and Chairman of the Area Evangelism Coordinating Team, said the One-Member-One-Discipled Soul drive is a deliberate action to be taken by every member of the church to evangelise about Jesus Christ. 

Quoting Elton Blueblood, who said: “Evangelism is not a professional job for a few trained men, but is instead the unrelenting responsibility of every person who belongs to the company of Jesus,” he called on members to engage in all forms of evangelism, stressing the use of digital, tracts, placards, house-to-house, testimonial evangelism, street, schools, and market, among others. 

Present at the function were all ministers and wives from the Area, Presiding Elders, Districts Executive Committee Members, and Ministries Executive Committee Members from the local to the Area level.  

Report by Ashaiman Area Media Team.

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