Effect Change In Your World – General Secretary Tells Christians web

Effect Change In Your World – General Secretary Tells Christians

The General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, has advised Christians to go out into ‘their world’ to effect the change needed in order to transform the world.

Highlighting the shift from Vision 2023 to Vision 2028, Apostle Samuel Obuobi explained that the previous vision (Vision 2023) focused on equipping the church for transformation, whereas Vision 2028 emphasises unleashing everyone to go out and effect change. The theme for 2024, “A People of God, Unleashed to Transform Their World,” is anchored in Acts 1:8 and 1 Peter 2:9.

“Dubbed ‘Possessing the Nations Phase 2,’” the theme is a continuation of the previous year, which is aimed at unleashing the entire church to transform the world with the values and principles of the Kingdom of God,” he said.

The General Secretary said this on Sunday, January 7, 2024, when he fellowshipped with the English Assembly of the Bubuashie District of The Church of Pentecost in Accra.

Speaking on the topic: “Overview of theme 2024”, Apostle Obuobi broke down the theme into three components: a people of God, the unleashing agenda, and the transformation of the world. He stressed the significance of being intentional about releasing the tremendous power within the church for societal transformation.

Quoting Ephesians 1:19, he elaborated on the immeasurable, unlimited, and surpassing power within the church. Apostle Obuobi encouraged believers to carry this power outside the church, stating, “Having a ministry outside the church does not mean starting your own church, but go out with the power you carry and affect the society.”

Addressing the purpose of unleashing, he stressed the transformation of “their world,” highlighting the individual’s sphere of influence. “Your world is your sphere of influence. This includes your family, workplace, and school. We are being unleashed to bring changes into the world,” he declared.

Apostle Obuobi urged believers to be salt and light in their spheres of influence, referencing Matthew 5:13-16.

“We can transform our world by being salt and light. If you really want to transform your world by the power in you, then you must be salt and light of the world. It is not enough to come to church and sing and dance. They are all good, but we must be salt and light. Once you step into the corrupt world, there must be light. If you go into the dark world and there is no light, then you are not transforming your society. God is not a secret to be kept. Let us carry Him into the world,” he added.

He emphasised the need for intentional reflection of the values, principles, and lifestyles of the Kingdom of God to bring about positive change in society.

“The value of love, integrity, righteousness, accountability can bring changes into the Kingdom of the world,” he ended.


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