Do Not Sleep On The Job – Apostle Nsaful Tells Men

The Effiduase Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Daniel Yeboah Nsaful, has challenged men to wake up from their sleep and save society from collapsing.

According to him, the moral fibre of society is breaking down because a lot of men are reneging on their responsibilities as fathers and leaders, saying, “By nature men are always on duty but they are sleeping on the job.”

Apostle Nsaful said this at the opening session of the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) week-long national celebration at the Ebenezer Assembly in Effiduase on Monday, June 13, 2022.

Speaking on the topic, “When Men Go to Sleep,” the Effiduase Area Head said that sleeping is a natural phenomenon, but too much sleep at the wrong time and place, makes one inactive, insensitive and unaware of what is happening around him, thereby making him vulnerable.

Quoting 1 Kings 2:2 and Matthew 13:24-25, Apostle Nsaful urged men to be strong and prove themselves equal to the task. He said that just as the devil sowed bad seeds among the good ones, so he is sowing seeds of discord in families when men go to sleep.

The Effiduase Area Head said that being a man stands for headship, leadership, boldness, protection, and breadwinner.

Touching on the challenges of men, Apostle Nsaful said that men play the priestly role in their families. As such, they must live exemplary life worth emulating by their children since their first church is the home.

He added that it is the responsibility of men to provide for the basic needs of their families.

“Providing for your family is your responsibility. If you are asleep, wake up,” he stressed.

He also said that men have a responsibility to interact with the society in which they live. He charged them to use their minds and reasoning to move forward in life and teach same to their family.

Apostle Nsaful praised women for supporting their husbands in sharing their responsibilities.

On what happens when men go to sleep, Apostle Nsaful said that men will become less productive, lose track of issues, and families become vulnerable and prone to attack.

He added: “Men who sleep lose focus, lose vision, lose authority, lose respect, lose control. They become a burden on the family, shifting their responsivities onto the women.”

Using some biblical characters to drive home his point, Apostle Nsaful said Abraham ‘slept’ while waiting for God’s promised child and ended up sleeping with his slave girl.

“When men sleep, they forget God’s promise and take matters into their own hands. The result is the problem we have with extremists,” he bemoaned.

“Jacob also slept, allowing his only daughter to go wayward and was raped. He had to flee with his family unprepared all because he slept as a parent,” he said, adding, “Do not sleep for the sake of your family, because the result is disastrous.”

Apostle Daniel Yeboah Nsaful pointed out that men who sleep risk having their children being wayward. The worrying phenomenon, he said, has led to rising indiscipline in society, crimes, streetism, violence, school dropouts, and other social vices.

The occasion was used to inaugurate the Area’s Faithful Giants.

Report by Ezekiel Korletey.

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