Delivered From A Spiritual Attack

On the way home from a dawn broadcast exercise within the Mamobi township, members of the Pentecost University (PU) branch of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) found a man lying haplessly on the floor.

His condition, at first sight, smacked a person who was either drunk, epileptic or perhaps mentally challenged.

All efforts by the team to revive him proved futile. Reluctant to leave him behind in that sorry state, they carried him to the Salem Assembly auditorium in the Mamobi District of The Church of Pentecost to pray for him.

After an intense prayer session, Samuel came to himself and became more responsive. He was, however, unable to talk and only responded to questions with gestures. So, the team continued to pray for him until he was completely restored. 

After taking a bath and changing into some clean clothes, the gentleman, who revealed his name as Samuel Kabutey, inquired from the team how he had ended up at the auditorium. He later narrated his ordeal, recounting the events that led to his unfortunate situation.

According to him, the last memory he had of events was some men (wearing dreadlocks), whom he presumed to be cultists, chasing him throughout the night. So, he hid in a pile of charcoal and spent the rest of the night there. 

He said that the night before the attack, he dreamt of a similar attack by some men in dreadlocks, but, in this instance, he could identify them because knew them in person. 

In the dream, he further narrated, his assailants injected an unknown liquid substance into his leg as he struggled with them. He then woke up from his sleep.

Mr Kabutey was, therefore, grateful to the team for the assistance offered to him. He believes that he has been delivered from a spiritual attack which had now manifested physically.

Samuel, who used to be a devout Christian, but turned from the faith some 15 years ago, rededicated his life to Christ. He is now a member of the Church.

The story of Mr. Kabutey is one of the many miraculous accounts recorded during a five-day evangelism outreach organised by PENSA-PU at the Mamobi township and its environs. The event recorded a total of 117 souls amidst instant healing of various ailments to the glory of God.

Report by PENSA-PU Editorial Board

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