Dear Children’s Worker – Your Labour In The Lord Will Surely Yield Fruits

On Saturday, July 8, 2023, after returning from the glorious and fantastic Foundation Builders’ Conference held at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) by the Children’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, we had our Area Level 2023 Mid-Year Children’s Ministry (CM) meeting. I was so tired and counting on God’s grace to carry me through the meeting.

But two testimonies came up from the various reports, which gave me a new surge of energy to continue dreaming about the ministry and do more as long as God grants us grace. By sharing these testimonies with you, you will be motivated to do more in building up our children for now and in the future.


We took over the leadership of the CM in the Assin Foso Area three years ago, and as part of our plans to double our children’s membership, we shared the idea of establishing Children-Only Assemblies by God’s grace. One of our Districts, Assin Nsuta, took up the challenge, and we piloted the vision there. To the glory of God, that Assembly has grown into a fully-fledged Local Assembly running adult services as well by the end of 2022. Where did the adults come from? Most of them followed their children to church, while some were won over after three years and reached the age of 13 to be baptised and counted as part of our adult membership! Praise God!

What has happened again is that another District, Assin Adiembra, has established two more such Assemblies to the glory of God during the period under review. Most of these children were won through our recent medical outreach and health insurance registration exercise for children in that area. Let’s give these Assemblies some time, no matter how long it takes, and two more fully-fledged Assemblies will be established just like that. What do you think?

My heart is really stirred within me.


We introduced Holy Ghost Sundays and Holiday Prayers to ensure that every child leaving the Sunday School into the adult service receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

During the recent one we held in May, while the District Leader for Assin Praso was teaching the children about and leading them to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, he said, “the Holy Spirit has the power to open up your mind. You are always last in class because you have not been baptised in the Holy Spirit.”

Amidst tears, this little girl asked the teacher, “So, sir, is that why I don’t understand when I study? Then I need Him.” With tears and eagerness to receive the Holy Spirit, the girl was baptised in the Holy Spirit that same day.

The wonderful thing is, after that experience, the teacher decided to follow up with the girl, and to the glory of God, the girl who was once consistently last in her class has tremendously improved in her studies and is now happy.

Now, the question is, who can change the mind of this girl from following the Lord as she grows, considering the personal encounter she has had with Him? Just as Paul said in Romans 8:35-39 that “NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD,” I believe the same can be said of this girl too!

Dear Children’s Worker and all stakeholders who have the raising of godly children at heart, let these testimonies encourage you and continue to forge ahead for the Lord. You may not always be recognised because foundations are not always visible. However, you can’t imagine the grand edifice that the Master Architect, the Lord, is gradually planning to raise on the foundations we build daily. The future of the church will be awesome because God is with you, and you have Him too.

I am a Children’s Worker for Life!

Written by Pastor Samuel Avornyo (Assin Foso Area Children’s Ministry Leader)

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