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Connect With God Through Prayer – Apostle Edzorhoho Tells Christians

Apostle William Kojo Edzorhoho, the Downtown-Ofaakor Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has urged Christians to connect with God through prayer in order to receive His blessings.

“God want to use us as channels to our world. He wants us to be a blessing to our world and this will only happen when we stay in Shechem,” he explained.

He made this revelation on Monday, November 27, 2023 during the launch of the Downtown Ofaakor monthly prayer service, dubbed: “Shechem Prayer,” at the Akweley Astroturf Park in Kasoa Downtown.

Apostle Edzorhoho outlined the profound purpose of “Shechem Prayer” programme is to establish a connection with God’s promises.

Drawing inspiration from Genesis 12:1-7, Apostle Edzorhoho delved into the essence of Shechem as a sacred space for communion, renewal, and revelation.

Using Abraham’s journey as an example, he emphasised the importance of prayer, faith cultivation, and receiving divine guidance—all integral aspects of the Shechem experience.

Apostle Edzorhoho began by elucidating the concept of an encounter with God—a transformative experience where God acts unexpectedly in our relationship with Him. While acknowledging God’s omnipresence, he emphasized the significance of specific encounters at different times and places for unique purposes.

“The backdrop of Shechem in the biblical narrative centres around Abraham, called by God to become a channel through which salvation would reach the entire world,” he revealed.

Emphasizing the dual nature of God’s promises and Abraham’s responsibilities, Apostle Edzorhoho highlighted the pivotal role of Shechem in Abraham’s obedience.

He delved into the multifaceted meaning of Shechem, from its etymological roots meaning “shoulder” to its biblical significance.

“Notably, Shechem emerges as the place where Abraham erected his first altar—a symbol of prayer and communion with the Lord,” he mentioned.

He underscored that Shechem is not merely a physical location but a spiritual space where believers can come face-to-face with God, renew their covenant, and receive revelations about their destinies.

“As we seek to reposition the local church, our ultimate goal is to have a great and glorious church that God intended to use to transform the society,” he ended.


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