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Your source of power will determine how far you can last or operate. Uninterrupted power that produces light will give you lasting illumination at your house, workplace, and even in the community. We are in a world where we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but rather fight rulers of darkness, principalities, etc. This means to overcome these rulers, you need a higher source that will give you the power to eliminate them.

The first major blackout in New York State occurred on November 9, 1965. This event is known as the Great Northeast Blackout and affected a large portion of the northeastern United States and parts of Canada. The blackout was caused by a series of equipment failures and human errors in the power grid. During the 1965 blackout, the Statue of Liberty did not go completely dark. The statue has its own separate electrical system, and while it experienced a partial loss of power, it did not blackout entirely. It’s worth noting that there have been other blackouts in New York State and the surrounding areas over the years, but the 1965 blackout was one of the most significant and widespread in the region’s history.

This story of the New York blackout and the Statue of Liberty having stable and different sources of power makes us aware that we should always have a constant and stable source.


Elohim is the source, the one who created the whole universe. The giver of life, as stated in Psalms 36:9, “You are the giver of life. Your light lets us enjoy life.”

We shall learn about a man in the Bible who, at one point, was connected to God as his main source but later was disconnected by his actions and disobedience.

Samson was one of the judges of Israel and was known for his incredible strength. However, he lost his focus on God as his source when he was tempted by Delilah.

Delilah was a woman who was paid by the Philistines to discover the secret of Samson’s strength. Samson eventually revealed to her that his strength came from his long hair, and Delilah betrayed him by cutting his hair while he was asleep.

Samson lost his focus on God as his source and relied on his physical abilities, leading to his capture and eventual death. The lesson we can learn from his mistake is that we should always rely on God as our source and not on our abilities.

One of the key factors that led to Samson’s mistake was his pride and self-reliance. He had become so confident in his own strength that he failed to recognize that it came from God, not from himself. This is a danger that we all face: the temptation to rely on our own abilities and resources rather than trusting in God’s provision and strength.

We should always be humble and recognize that any talents or abilities we possess are gifts from God. We should also seek to cultivate a deep and abiding trust in God, knowing that He is our source of strength and power. As we rely on Him, we can be confident that He will give us the wisdom, guidance, and strength we need to overcome any obstacle or challenge that we may face.


Constant daily devotion. Devotions should be observed both at the family and personal levels to help communicate with your service provider, that is, God. By doing that, you are constantly ready to combat the devices of the devil. We are saved from sinning when we constantly have our devotions. “David said, your word have I hidden in my heart that I may not sin against you.” As we connect with the source through constant devotions, God, who is the source, guides and directs our path. The Psalmist says, and I quote, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to guide my path.”

Fasting and Prayer. This activity helps us to be constantly on autopilot with our source. It helps to be sharp in both spirit and physical. Our spirit antennal is always ready to hear from the source and is given enough strength to carry on the journey. It also humbles us as we fast, wait, and pray unto God.


Resilience in Adversity: The Statue of Liberty, standing tall and illuminated even during a blackout, symbolizes resilience in the face of adversity. It could be seen as a reminder that certain institutions, values, or symbols can endure challenges and remain steadfast.

Preparedness and Redundancy: The fact that the Statue of Liberty had its own separate electrical system might suggest the importance of having backup plans and redundancy in critical systems. This can be a lesson for individuals and organizations to be prepared for unexpected events.

Symbolic Significance: The Statue of Liberty is a powerful symbol of freedom and endurance. Its ability to remain partially lit during a blackout could be seen as a metaphor for the enduring spirit of liberty and the values it represents, even in challenging times.

Hope and Inspiration: In a symbolic sense, the Statue of Liberty not going completely dark during the blackout could be interpreted as a symbol of hope and inspiration. It can serve as a reminder that, even in difficult times, certain ideals and principles can continue to shine as beacons.


Our only source as Christians is God. We do not have any other source apart from the original source. Men will fail us when we rely on them as our source. But God is forever. We must eliminate pride and constantly be in communion with God.

Written by P/Overseer Solomon Boadi

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