Come, Choose Christ

At the crossroads, you may stand,

With paths diverging, choices at hand.

You may be spoilt for choice,

But only one Way will make you rejoice.

Seek not the road that leads astray,

Come to Jesus Christ and stay.

Though the world may tempt and allure,

Resist its pretence and subtle lure

Choose wisely, my friend, with a discerning eye,

Forsake worldly treasures, let them pass you by.

Turn to Christ, embrace His loving grace,

He offers redemption, a saving embrace.

No matter how lost you may feel,

Christ’s compassion is steadfast and real.

You’ll not be turned away or left behind,

Jesus calls out, His love you will find.

Simply repent, with a humble heart,

And Christ’s refreshing rain will impart.

Salvation awaits, it’s yours to claim,

In Christ’s arms, you’ll never be the same.

Just heed His call, let go the strife,

Find eternal peace through the gift of life.

Let go of fear, let go of doubt,

In Christ’s love, you’ll find a way out.

For all who seek to know the true Way

Jesus says, Come to life and don’t sway

He’ll guide you through the darkest night,

And lead you to a place of light.

Come, take His hand, and don’t let go,

Through every trial, He’ll help you grow.

Forsake your own route, avoid the earthly cruise

It leads nowhere but into a crushing curse

In Jesus you will find absolute pleasure,

And the comfort of Heavenly Treasure

Yes, with Christ as your guide, you’ll never stray,

For at the Cross, true solace and hope lay.

Written by Pastor George Osei-Asiedu

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