Christmas Not Just A Holiday” – Chairman Delivers Christmas & New Year Message

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, has stressed that Christmas is not for recreational purposes, but a season for Christians to remember the foundation of the faith, retell the redemption story, and renew their commitment to Jesus Christ, who is the saviour of the world.

In a Church circular issued last Friday, the Chairman observed that although Christmas is celebrated globally and for centuries, the religious festivity has always come under attack with some people questioning its relevance to Christianity.

According to him, some people hate Christmas because of its Christian basis; others hate it because they feel obligated to celebrate it, while others resent the thought that Jesus is the Son of God. 

He further noted that some Christians dislike church conventions and meetings organised in the Christmas season because they “disrupt” their holiday plans. Whilst others point out that Jesus was probably not born in December and that there is no biblical suggestion about the celebration of His birth.

“But brothers and sisters in the Lord, are we better off to ignore Christmas? Does the actual date of Jesus’ birth determine one way or the other whether His birth is honoured?” he quizzed.

Apostle Nyamekye explained that Christmas is not really for individual families but the Church; the family of God. It is, therefore, proper that the “family of God” meets in this season to celebrate the birth of Christ together; telling of His goodness and proclaiming Him to the world, he added.

He further stated: “It does not matter if those who do not know our God do not serve and celebrate Him, but we, the people of God, will celebrate Him now and forever. For we know how much He is worth to us.” 

The Chairman advised Christians and Church members, in particular, to use the season to celebrate Jesus Christ and to share the amazing story of His birth to the world.

In wishing Church members a glorious New Year in advance, Apostle Nyamekye advised them not to allow the setbacks they faced in the year to weigh them down; instead, they should take advantage of the lessons learned and use them as springboards into the future.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, a true and most wonderful story ever told.  It all began on the day that God came in the flesh, the day the son of God was born by a virgin named Mary. The excitement and the wonder that greeted His conception, birth and dedication is incomparable.

A multitude of the heavenly host appeared, praising God. His birth drew both Jews and Gentiles together. The shepherds who were Jews and Magi from the east – Gentiles came to pay homage to Him. An old woman, Elizabeth, who was said to be barren, conceived because of His coming. A baby in the womb leapt for joy and was filled by the Holy Spirit at the sound of Mary’s voice. Zechariah describes His birth as God’s visitation on earth. Simeon’s departure to glory was deferred till he saw Him born. Simeon described Him as the Lord’s salvation which God had prepared in the presence of all the peoples. This is truly the most wonderful story ever told. 


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