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Christians Urged To Save Their Dying Situations

The Anyaa-Ablekuma Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Samuel Kojo Gakpetor, has advised Christians to wake up and save every dying situation in their Christian life.

Addressing church officers at the Anyaa Zone of the Anyaa-Ablekuma Area as part of the 2021 Apostolisation programme, Apostle Gakpetor revealed that “revival cannot come when certain things are not done right. So, it is about time we sat up and dealt with all those things that are killing our Christian lifestyle.”  

Apostle Gakpetor identified some of the things that hinder revival and church growth and also kill the spiritual life of Christians. He cautioned believers to be wary of such acts and make every effort to eradicate them entirely from their lives.

Among the things that retard revival, he mentioned, are when believers or the church loses the zeal of evangelism, when the church ceases to pray together, and when the church ceases to discipline members who sin. He said that God hates sin, so a church full of sinners will not see revival.

He further stated that when the church refuses to raise godly leaders, that church will eventually quench its fire. He, therefore, entreated churches and leaders not to trade on leadership, saying, “Leadership should not be bought.”

The Anyaa-Ablekuma Area Head pleaded with church leaders and Christians as a whole to eschew negative tendencies that will hinder the revival that they are yearning for and quench the fire in them.

Supporting his sermon with scriptures from Revelations 3:1-6, he implored Christians not to be like people who are generally seen to be doing well but in an actual sense spiritually dead. “Be watchful and strengthen the things which remain and are ready to die,” he stressed.

As a way of igniting the fire and getting the revival the church seeks, Apostle Samuel Gakpetor admonished Christians to repent from ways that quench the fire and live a life that will revive them.

Encouraging church leaders to be bold and take their positions to do what is expected of them, he stated, “Church leadership is a war, therefore, we must fight it and win.

“A leader must be vigilant and straighten all ways that seem crooked to ensure sanity in the church.”

Report by Alex Nana Owusu Nkrumah.

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