Christians Advised To Keep A Close Marking With The Holy Spirit

The Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) Travelling Secretary for the Takoradi Sector, Pastor Emmanuel Opoku Mensah, has advised Christians to forge a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit.

“As Christians, we need to walk with the Holy Spirit and give Him a close marking. If we want to succeed in this Christian journey and possess the nations, we need to cling to the Holy Spirit at all times because we cannot do without His help,” he said during the climax of the global celebration of the Pentecost Week at the auditorium of PENSA-Takoradi Technical University last Sunday.

Speaking on the topic: “Keep A Close Marking With The Holy Spirit,” the Travelling Secretary said that the Holy Spirit has been given to every Christian to prepare and present them to Christ Jesus Christ, who is the bridegroom. 

Using 2 Kings 2:1-15 as scripture reference, he said that the final moments before Elisha inherited a double portion of his master Elijah’s mantle was recorded in the Bible to teach believers how to walk closely with the Holy Spirt in this generation. 

“Mantles are not needed in Heaven; rather, they are needed to serve here on earth. Before Elisha got Elisha’s mantle, he had to do some things and these are the things we must also seek to do today in order to catch the mantles of our forbearers,” he said.

To receive the mantle, Pastor Mensah noted, Elisha had to consistently and persistently follow the master to the end with undivided attention. 

He said that, although Elijah tried to stop him at Gilgal, Elisha persisted and followed him to Bethel, Jericho and finally to Jordan, where he received what he desired. 

Pastor Mensah, therefore, urged Christians to endeavour to walk closely with the Holy Spirit at all cost just as Elisha walked closely with his master.

Expounding further, the Travelling Secretary said that all the towns that Elisha followed Elijah to had biblical and spiritual connotations for the believer,

According to him, Gilgal, which means rolling away the reproach of sin, is the first step of every believers walk with the Holy Spirit. He said that to walk with the Spirit, one must be prepared to put to death all the things of the flesh and be ready to please God at all times.

He further explained that Bethel, which is the next destination, is the stage of the journey where one puts their trust in God and depend on him alone for divine providence.

“After dealing with the flesh, you will no longer have confidence in the flesh, but rather you put all your hope and trust in the Lord to see you through the Christian journey,” he said.

Jericho, on the other hand, he explained, is the stage where God opens a new chapter for the believer. It is the stage where God begins to transform the believer’s life, he added.

Pastor Mensah said that, at Jordan, the final stage of the walk with the Holy Spirit, the believer would now receive the double portion of the anointing of the Holy Spirit to do exploits in His name.

He, therefore, urged Christians to strive to go through all the stages of the walk with the Holy Spirit so as to catch the mantle needed to possess the nations for the Lord.

“I pray that the Lord will lead us through all these stages and help us to catch the mantel. We need to deal with the flesh, trust in God, get our spiritual amour for battle and embrace the new chapter the Lord will open for us. That is when we can possess the nations,” he charged.


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