Children’s Workers End 3-Day Strategic Meeting

Children’s Workers End 3-Day Strategic Meeting

The Children’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost organised a three-day strategic meeting for Children’s workers at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh.

The meeting was called at the instance of the National Directorate for selected leaders across all the regions of Ghana.

The event afforded the participants the opportunity to review the programmes and activities of the ministry for the first half of the four-year mandate of the Directorate and to chart a path for the years ahead.

“I am glad to inform you that you have been selected as a privileged few to represent the various blocks and shades of the Children’s Ministry across the country to review, reinvent and create a new direction for the ministry going forward. It is my hope that you will bring all your expertise and experiences on board as we strive to build a better foundation for the church going into the future,” Pastor Professor William Otoo Ellis, the Children’s Ministry Director, noted.

Addressing the participants, the Patron of the Children’s Ministry, Prophet David Kankam Beditor, admonished all to give their very best towards raising godly children whom God will use to possess the nations.

Speaking on the topic “Plan Strategically Before the Stones Cry Out” with scriptural reference from Luke 19:32-40, Prophet Beditor said God always has a backup plan or a replacement plan for anyone he chooses for specific assignments.

“For Jesus to tell the Pharisees that stones will cry out if men refuse to praise him means that God can use anything and anybody to accomplish his purpose. Ours is to avail ourselves for his use or be ready to be replaced,” he asserted.

The meeting, which is the first of its kind by the ministry, is expected to create a forum to brainstorm to review the plans and activities of the Children’s Ministry and also chart innovative paths to ensure the progress of the ministry.

Present at the meeting were National Executive Committee members, Area Leaders and Workers of the Children’s Ministry.

Report by Pastor Samuel Avornyo & Deborah Nueki Asemnor

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