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Children’s Ministry Workers Undergo Training

Children’s Ministry workers of Roman Ridge District in the La Area of The Church of Pentecost have undergone a one-day intensive training to equip them in discharging their duties effectively.

The training seminar was organised by the District Children’s Ministry under the leadership of Elder Samuel Aidoo.

The wife of District Minister, Mrs. Beatrice Achim-Gyimah, who was a facilitator at the event, touched on the Role of the Teacher in Holistic Child Development.

In her presentation, she noted that, the Children’s Ministry is one that is so important and dear to God’ heart and the church. For this reason, it is necessary for Children Ministry workers to be true born-again Christians and God-fearing to be able to positively impact children.

Mrs. Beatrice Achim-Gyimah stated that, apart from the home, school, and playground, when children go to the house of God, they expect to experience a different environment altogether with a much more peaceful and serene atmosphere.

“Children see the house of God as a hiding place where they would be loved just as they are without being despised or insulted for any reason,” she said.

She further stated that parents have entrusted their children into the hands of teachers to help shape them for future. For that matter, everything teachers do must contribute to the joy of the children they lead.

She, therefore, advised Teachers to always endeavour to introduce children to Jesus, because they are Pastors to the children.

She also urged teachers to be clear in presenting the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the children, stressing that they ought to know the word of God before presenting it to the children.

The teachers were also encouraged to take keen interest in the life of the children by demonstrating love to them and paying regular visits to their homes and schools.

Mrs. Achim-Gyimah charged the Children’s Ministry workers to expose children to various worldviews so that they are not deceived. “You should be careful to teach both God’s law and God’s love,” she added.

Mrs. Beatrice Achim-Gyimah concluded her presentation by urging participants to relate well with the children entrusted to their care in order to earn their trust so that they would open up to them about the problems or issues bothering them.

Among the topics treated at the event were “Effective Lesson Preparation and Teaching,” “Forming a Children’s Club and its Importance to the Church and the Society,” “Security Awareness Tips at Church,” etc.

Participants of the event were each presented with certificate.

Report by Gina Akua Padi

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