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Catch Vision 2028 And Run With It

The Vision 2028 was clearly unveiled, 

Strategies carefully outlined and actions well detailed,  

And it’s timely message engaged and rightly nailed, 

For a time bound mission that cannot fail. 

These are not words that appeal to the ears 

But a message that brings grace to the hearers 

Backed by great power to the bearers,  

Raising strong pillars for God to become winners, 

And transforming all spheres in societies.  

Come on, church, come on all nations.  

The LORD is gathering His gallant soldiers, 

An equipped army not after the world’s pleasures, 

But to preach the message of the cross and it’s treasures. 

See the fearless generation that match across all borders, 

A people that send the message to even toddlers,  

For the vision they effortlessly carry on their shoulders,  

Until all and sundry become partakers,  

And the lost and wanderer become brothers.


The vision has been clearly defined,  

The foundations have been strongly laid, 

Timelines and deadlines have been set, 

The strategies have been mounted and 

The church has been thoroughly equipped,  

And unleashed for the greater task ahead.   

As heralds, they impact and transform their world.  

Indeed, all is set to run with the vision 2028

Rise up and catch the divine vision, 

For the world is sinking in illusion, 

Where pluralism and worldviews promote delusion, 

And dying and desperate souls seek liberation.  

Rise up and raise His banner of salvation, 

For the vision cannot wait while souls perish in anguish. 

Rise up and transform your world,  

For it’s is our time to serve the LORD’S purpose.


Catch the vision and run with it, for greater is the reward that awaits us.  

Catch the vision and run with it, for judgment awaits us tomorrow for what we believe, what we stand for and what has been entrusted into our hands.  

Catch the vision and run with it, for it is time bound and cannot wait or delay.


Written by Overseer Ernest Kojo Akorli (Kpasenkpe District)

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