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Build Strong Legacies For Younger Generation – Apostle Anane Denteh Urges Men

Apostle Vincent Anane Denteh, the Director of Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) and an Executive Council Member of The Church of Pentecost has urged men to create enduring legacies as fathers to benefit the younger generation.

He emphasised that fathers play a crucial role as conduits of blessings to society, particularly to the younger generation.

According to him, when good fathers are present, society experiences peace, prosperity, and godliness.

“Fathers are responsible for upholding God’s Kingdom values and principles and imparting them to their children,” he said.

Apostle Anane Denteh made these remarks on Wednesday, May 24, 2023,  during his welcome address at the opening session of the 5th edition of the Bezalel Conference, coinciding with the 25th Anniversary of the Ministry, taking place at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) in Gomoa Fetteh, near Kasoa.

Apostle Anane Denteh drew attention to the example of Abraham, who was blessed by God and named the father of all nations, through whom generations were to be blessed.

Citing Genesis 18:19, he highlighted that God chose Abraham to direct his children and household to follow the way of the Lord, doing what is right and just for the Lord’s promises to be fulfilled.

The PEMEM Director emphasised that fathers have two vital responsibilities on earth. Firstly, they must live a legacy of godly virtues as the foundation for guiding their children. Secondly, they must teach their children about the mind and will of God.

He remarked: “It is our responsibility to live by the principles of the gospel we preach and to transform every aspect of our influence with the values and principles of God’s Kingdom.”

However, Apostle Anane Denteh stressed that the most significant legacy fathers could leave behind is not material wealth or possessions. Instead, it is a spiritual heritage, desiring that their children walk in the ways of the Lord, stressing, “This enduring legacy is meant to impact not only the present generation but also generations to come.”

To further promote legacy building, he disclosed that the Ministry had established the Faithful Giants, a platform where the younger generation can receive mentorship and guidance from their fathers. This initiative addresses the failure of Joshua’s generation in raising their children according to God’s command.

Apostle Anane Denteh urged men to awaken to building a positive legacy for future generations, recognising that today’s actions shape tomorrow’s outcomes.

He added: “What we do today significantly influences what happens tomorrow. By getting it right today and actively developing it, we will likely leave an impactful legacy for future generations.”

The 5th edition of the Bezalel Conference 2023 is centred around the theme: “Repositioning Men for Maximum Impact: Building Upon the Legacy of the Fathers” (Genesis 12:1, 18:16-20).


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