Bed ridden girl

Bedridden Girl Walks Again

Moleponi Baalib, a member of the Gunani Assembly in the Nakpa District of the Yendi Area of The Church of Pentecost, has miraculously walked again after being bedridden for over a month.

According to her parents, she became sick and could not walk and had to rely on others for everything she needed.

The District Minister, Probationary Overseer Daniel Ntsiful Daniel, on March 7, 2020, visited the community with members of the ONEWAY AFRICA MINISTRY to embark on a video evangelism. The mother of the girl contacted him after the programme to come and pray for the girl at about 12:00 am.

To the glory of God, Moleponi instantly stood up and started walking to the amazement of her parents when the minister prayed for her. The family welcomed the sudden turn of events in the girl’s life with wild jubilation in their appreciation to the Lord.

Moleponi was able to attend church service on Sunday, March 8, with her father who is not a Christian and the entire family to give thanks to the Lord.

Report by Yendi Area Media Ministry.

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