Be The Best In Everything – Apostle Obuobi To Christians


The Asamankese Area Head of The Church Of Pentecost, Apostle Samuel Obuobi, has charged Christians to make every effort to be the best in every sphere of life they find themselves in.

Making references to the Puritans’ way of life, Apostle Obuobi noted that the Puritans viewed their way of life as a calling from God and that helped them to excel in every aspect of their lives.

He made this known on February 23, 2023, during the ongoing Odorkor Area (Tetegu Zone) Officers and Workers’ Retreat dubbed: “Apostolisation” at the Mt. Olives Worship Centre church auditorium.

Speaking on the topic: “Raising Family Altars To Strengthen The Local Church – Lessons From The Puritans” (Malachi 2:13-16), Apostle Obuobi noted that the family is the base of the nation, a medium through which the ‘Possessing the Nations’ agenda begins.

According to him, the Puritans represent fairness and purity. He said they were people who viewed the family as a conduit for God’s blessings, stressing that “if you possess your home and I possess my home, then we have possessed the nation for Christ.”

He added that family is a calling and that couples will give accounts of their marriages, saying, “Whatever God has placed in your hands, see it as a calling.” 

The Asamankese Area Head further identified three lessons from the Puritans that can help strengthen the marriage. He asked Christian couples to entirely love each other and avoid things that tend to quench love, dwell together (enjoy each other) and help each other’s salvation.

On the contrary, he noted that dissensions in marriage, infidelity and immoral conducts, are some of the possible behaviours that can dissolve a marriage.

According to Apostle Obuobi, the family must serve as a church and a seminary. He noted that the husband, who is the head of the family, should be the ‘pastor’ in the family.

“Because the family serves as a church and a seminary, we are supposed to raise a family altar. The altar is a place dedicated for worship and prayer. Every family is supposed to create an altar. Family altar simply refers to family devotion,” he indicated.

He, however, revealed that if the pastor at home and the lady pastor (the wife) do not live up to their responsibilities, the results will be catastrophic.

“The foundation of the church is the family. So, if you have a solid family, we will have a solid church, thus a solid nation,” he stressed.

Apostle Obuobi mentioned activities that can strengthen family devotion as scheduling a convenient time, teaching the word of God, telling Bible stories, making each member play active role and keeping the duration of the devotion brief.

Adding up to his sermon, Apostle Samuel Obuobi spoke on “Christian Visitation In The Local Church”. He mentioned that “Jesus Christ bought believers with a price and that makes the local church a family.” As a family, he said, there is the need to care for each other and show love.

He noted that the local church is a family and as such, there is a need for vigorous Christian visitations since it will keep the love together.

Apostle Obuobi revealed that although visitation to church members is an obligation of every officer, there are ethical considerations to note before visitations.

“Give advance notice before doing a visitation, there should be confidentiality on the part of the visitor, know your boundaries, be careful with the opposite sex and always remember to keep your visitation time short.”


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