Be Faithful For Maximum Impact – Apostle Otu-Appiah Urges Clerg w

Be Faithful For Maximum Impact – Apostle Otu-Appiah Urges Clergy

The Winneba Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Samuel Otu-Appiah, has urged the clergy and their wives to be faithful to God, the Church and the members in order to make maximum impact in the nations.

According to the Winneba Area Head, many people in the Church spend more energy in castigating the Church, ministers, and leadership instead of directing it into positive activities, admonishing, “Do not pass your bitterness unto the members.”

The Winneba Area Head said this on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, during the Ministers’ and Wives session of the 2023 Sekondi Area Ministers & Officers Retreat (Apostolisation) at the Ketan Central Assembly church auditorium in Sekondi.

Speaking on the topic, “Be Faithful For Maximum Impact,” with Matthew 25:14ff as key Bible reference, Apostle Samuel Otu-Appiah explained that talents were given to three servants by a master who expected them to work and be faithful with what he had entrusted them.

He, however, noted that two of the servants worked diligently while the other hid his abilities because of the negative mentality he had concerning the master.

Apostle Otu-Appiah said that the servants who received more talents knew their master, his strengths and what he required of them, but the servant with the least talent looked at the other side and could not give a good assessment of his master.

He defined being faithful as remaining loyal and steadfast, true to the fact and being original to whatever one is asked to do by his or her master.

“Whatever you have been given, work at it with all your ability, for this would be the basis of judgement when Christ comes,” he stated.

Explaining the characteristics of faithfulness, the Winneba Area Head indicated that a person who is faithful has a good knowledge of his master; sees what they have now as an opportunity to work to glorify his master; works hard, and trusts God for a reward not man.

“Our destinies are linked to the places we go and the people we meet daily, so always be positive even as you work hard,” he said,

Apostle Otu-Appiah, therefore, charged the ministers and wives to encourage their members to live lives worthy of their calling while ensuring that they put in the required efforts to ensure great success.

“We are saved by grace, but rewards in heaven will be given according to works. So let us finish our work in excellence and trust that God will definitely reward us,” he noted.

Apostle Otu-Appiah also advised the clergy to focus on the strengths of their colleague ministers, and officers and help them with their weaknesses without judging one another.


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