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Asutsuare District Holds Finance And Report Writing Seminar

The Asustuare District in the Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost has organised a day’s seminar for Presiding Elders, Local Secretaries and Financial Secretaries on the financial policies of the church.

The seminar, which took place on November 23, 2019 at the Asutsuare Central church building, was facilitated by a team from the Area Audit Committee, led by Elders Marthin Annor and Isaac Owusu.

In his opening remarks, the Asutsuare District Secretary, Elder Ezekiel Abban Teye, who spoke on behalf of the District Minister, Pastor Joseph Kweku Donkor, called on the participants to apply all the financial policies of the church in their assemblies.

The Secretary to the Agormanya Area Audit Committee, Elder Marthin Annor, educated the participants on how to use the Daily Offering Books, Tithes Statement Books, Cash Books, Withdrawal Booklets, among others.

He also took the participants through some of the financial policies of The Church of Pentecost such as opening of bank account, early submission of tithes and other designated funds, the appropriate mode of taking offering, impress, among others.

Elder Isaac Annor, on his part, asked local assemblies to purchase the following books and files; Programme Book, Announcement Book, Asset Register, Minutes Book, Membership Register, and files for National letters, Area letters, District and Local letters. He noted that receipts must be attached to all items purchased in the name of the church.

Elder Ezekiel Abban Teye who doubles as the Agormanya Area Reporter also took the participants through the local statistical report forms. He admonished them to fill and submit authentic reports to ensure proper planning.

Other facilitators included Elders Emmanuel Acquah and Richard Kumah.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team.

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