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Ashaiman Area Ends Holy Ghost Fire Conference

The Ashaiman Area of The Church of Pentecost has ended a 3-day power-packed Holy Ghost and Fire Conference dubbed “Coming with the Holy Spirit Fire,” based on Acts 2:3; Hebrews 12:29.

The weeklong event, which took place from 4th to 8th November, 2019, at the James McKeown Temple in Ashaiman, was part of the Area’s Third Week programme.

Speaking at the opening session of the conference, the Area Head, Prophet David Kankam Beditor, who doubles as an Executive Council Member of the church, said that one of the duties of the Holy Spirit is to direct the path of Christians to their ordained destination.

Comparing the attributes of the Holy Spirit to the attributes of fire, Prophet Beditor explained that “as smoke from fire gives a signal to the source of the fire, so does the Holy Spirit directs and guides the path of Christians to safety and wealth.”

He added that “a church without the Holy Spirit has no sense of direction; it is the Holy Ghost that directs the Church in turbulent times.”

He expounded that though a person filled with the Holy Spirit may go through hardship, the Spirit gives that person the strength to withstand all challenges and soar above any obstacle. “A person filled with the Holy Spirit cannot be overwhelmed by hardship because the fire of the Holy Ghost is able to melt away all difficult situations and cause a breakthrough,” he revealed.

Prophet Beditor urged the members to continue to fan into flames the gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to light their path and scare away the forces of darkness that may arise against them on their way to their glorious destinies.

Also speaking at the event on the topic “God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit,” the New Moneomanye District Minister, Pastor David Dorsu, indicated that the Church is now in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit.

He explained that unlike the Old Testament era where the Holy Spirit came upon God’s people for specific assignments and departed thereafter, the Holy Spirit in this era has come on all believers and dwell with them.

He indicated that the presence of the Holy Spirit renews all aspects of the believer’s life and leaves no traces of iniquities. “If the Spirit of God dwells in us, all iniquities are gone. We no longer live for ourselves, we live for Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Delivering a sermon on Thursday morning, based on Acts 2:1-4, Hebrews 12:29, Mark 16:15, and John 20:21, Apostle E. C. Asante (Rtd) compared the spiritual life of a Christian to a leaf. “A leaf that catches fire is able to transfer the fire to another leaf, so must the Christian be on fire to transfer the fire to others so that through one, God may bring many to the saving knowledge of Christ,” he said.

Also speaking at the conference, the Zenu District Minister, Pastor Victor K. Duvon, said that the baptism of the Holy Spirit comes with fire. Reading from Luke 12:29-31, he admonished the church to seek after the fire of the Holy Spirit for total transformation and impact in service.

Touching on the benefits of the Holy Spirit to the believer, Pastor Duvon explained that the Spirit gives power and authority to the believer.

Speaking on the topic, “The Believers’ Authority,” Pastor William Twumasi Ankra (Rtd) on Friday morning explained the difference between authority and power. He said: “Authority is a delegated power whereas power is the ability to perform a function.” He added that Satan may have some power but Jesus has all authority and power bestowed on him by God.

“Christians who have been given authority through the resurrection of Jesus Christ should not look down upon themselves but exercise the authority given them,” he stressed.

Climaxing the programme on Friday evening, the Area Secretary and Bethlehem District Minister, Pastor Daniel Sackey spoke on the topic, “The Fire Will Never Die.”

He stated: “If you have received the Holy Ghost, you have received greater power and grace and you are now a custodian of miracles, signs and wonders.”

The Third Area Week conference brought together over 1400 congregants.


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