Apostle Kwafo Promotes HUM & Inclusive Evangelism web

Apostle Kwafo Promotes HUM & Inclusive Evangelism

As part of his two-day working visit to the Winneba Area, Apostle Emmanuel Agyei Kwafo, the Home and Urban Missions (HUM) Coordinator of The Church of Pentecost, engaged with church leaders to elaborate on the mission and scope of HUM.

The meeting, held at the Hallelujah Temple on Friday, June 2, 2024, convened officers and HUM workers from the Area, District, and Local levels in the Winneba and Awutu Beraku Zones.

According to Apostle Kwafo, the main purpose for the visit was to clarify HUM’s mission and encourage stakeholders to commit to reaching its target groups.

He commenced the session with a devotion from Colossians 4:5, urging attendees to maximise their time for evangelism, as opportunities may not always be available.

Apostle Kwafo shared insights into the evolution of traditional ministries within the church, highlighting that these initiatives were divine interventions placed on the hearts of the church’s founders.

Similarly, he explained that the church has established new ministry interventions such as HUM to cater to specific target groups, underscoring the importance of integrating these new ministries into the existing church framework.

Reading from Psalm 22:27–28, Apostle Kwafo stressed that every person on earth will eventually turn to the Lord, as God reigns over the world. He emphasized that the realisation of this vision involves reaching out to specific groups to enable the global spread of the gospel.

The HUM model, he explained, focuses on expatriates, African migrants, Northern migrants to the south, Unreached People Groups (UPGs), and the urban poor and marginalised. Apostle Kwafo outlined practical steps for local leadership to strengthen their efforts, including organising regular meetings and training sessions.

He discouraged the random selection of non-HUM workers for HUM-specific meetings and emphasized that HUM officers should not be labeled based on the target group’s activities.

Apostle Daniel Nii Tetteh Tackie, the Area Head, reinforced the importance of the ministry, urging ministers to strive for its success as they will one day assume leadership roles.

He encouraged Christians to wholeheartedly preach the gospel, acknowledging the challenges but asserting that God’s support will prevail.

He called on officers and members to support HUM and avoid derogatory remarks towards those dedicated to the ministry, instead urging them to step out of their comfort zones to reach the marginalised.

In attendance were Apostle Daniel Nii Tetteh Tackie (Area Head), Pastor Emmanuel Foster Asamoah (HUM NEC Member and District Minister, Abasraba), Pastor Solomon Anderson (Ashaiman Sector HUM Pastor), Overseer Daniel Adu (Area HUM Coordinator), and a cross-section of ministers and their spouses from the area.

Report by HUM Media Team

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