Agormanya Area Trains Presiding Elders & Secretaries On Vision 2028 web

Agormanya Area Trains Presiding Elders & Secretaries On Vision 2028

The Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost organised a one-day seminar for all Presiding Elders and Local Secretaries in the Area to acquaint them with the directives outlined in the Church’s Vision 2028 document.

The event, held under the theme “Implementing Vision 2028 in the Local Assembly,” took place at the PIWC-Agormanya Auditorium on Saturday, June 9, 2024.

The Agormanya Area Head, Apostle Dr. Samuel Kojo Gakpetor, who convened the meeting, addressed participants on the importance of implementing Vision 2028 at their respective local assemblies by aligning all local activities with the vision.

According to him, the vision seeks to involve all members in ministry for the conversion and transformation of souls and society.

“Your local must be Vision 2028 compliant. The footprint of Vision 2028 must be seen in your local assembly; therefore, work with Vision 2028 as the church knows its direction through this vision,” he said.

Dr. Samuel Gakpetor urged every church leader to set targets from Vision 2028, plan monthly activities, and monitor and evaluate the set targets.

He charged Presiding Elders to plan evangelism outreaches, and effective follow-ups, and assimilate all new converts and new members into the local church.

Emphasising the role of personal and corporate discipleship, Dr. Gakpetor encouraged the gathering to train members and officers to prioritise their daily personal devotion and ensure the effective running of the Home Cell and Bible Studies as enshrined in Vision 2028.

Pastor Jacob Kwakye Frimpong, the Akuse District Pastor and Area Executive Committee Member, gave a presentation on “The Marks of Effective Church Service.”

He stated that church services at all levels must be conducted in an orderly and decent manner with the purpose of strengthening and deepening the spiritual life of the saints.

He admonished Presiding Elders and other key leaders of the service sections to prayerfully prepare and deeply study the scriptures for divine illumination so that the messages will promote the spiritual health of the church.

For organising effective church services, he highlighted the need to arrange meeting places properly, choose appropriate sermons relevant to each occasion, assign roles to members in a timely manner, and ensure language interpretation is available for those who need it.

He also emphasised the importance of starting services on time and ensuring the availability of power during outages. Pastor Kwakye Frimpong described the Ministers’ Handbook as an indispensable tool for an effective Pentecostal service.

The Agormanya Area Secretary, Pastor Eddie Sarpong, guided the gathering through a redesigned monthly report form, which will serve as a source document for reporting.

Reading from Exodus 34:1, he admonished the attendees to keep accurate records of all church activities diligently.

He emphasised the importance of being faithful to the church’s statistics, which are essential for decision-making.

The program, attended by 196 persons comprising the Pastorate, Presiding Elders, and Secretaries of various local assemblies in the area, highlighted the significance of accurate record-keeping for decision-making within the church, among other important topics.

Report by Agormanya Area Media Team

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