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Abedwum Church Building Dedicated

The Abedwum Assembly church building in the Akrokerri District of the Obuasi Area of The Church of Pentecost has been dedicated amidst great joy.

Apostle William Boakye Agyarko, the Obuasi Area Head, dedicated the building on Sunday, April 24, 2023.

The entire project, with a total cost of 578,000.00, was sponsored by Mr Joseph Antwi, a philanthropist based in South Africa and CEO of ASDS South Africa and Gye Nyame Company Ltd Ghana.

Mr Antwi personally contributed 553,000.00 towards the construction of the church building, demonstrating his deep commitment to the cause.

The church building was named in honour of his late father, Elder Paul Akwasi Antwi.

The Akrokerri District Minister, Pastor Richard Osei Mensah, and his wife, Esther, were also hailed for their role in ensuring the successful completion of the building.

Addressing the congregation on the theme, “Dedication to the Service of God for Maximum Impact,” Apostle Boakye Agyarko underscored the significance of believers wholeheartedly dedicating their lives to God’s service, urging them not to fear death.

He emphasised the importance of leading a righteous life, free from sin, as God blesses those who separate themselves for His divine purposes, encouraging the believers to stand firm against false doctrines.

During the dedication ceremony, Apostle William Boakye Agyarko offered heartfelt prayers, calling for God’s abundant blessings upon Mr Joseph Antwi and all those who contributed their time and resources to the completion of the church building.

The Area Head took a moment to inspire the youth, urging them to prioritise education for personal and spiritual growth.

Mr Joseph Antwi, the project sponsor, shared his deep desire and lifelong dream to build a church.

He called upon those whom God has blessed to use their resources to support the work of the Lord, as it serves as a testament to His grace and goodness.

Mr Antwi thanked God for His abounding grace and encouraged everyone to persevere despite challenges.

The Chief of Abedwum and his elders graced the ceremony, along with the Obuasi Area pastorate and their wives, showcasing unity and support within the community.

The dedication of the Abedwum Assembly church building marked a significant milestone in the spiritual upliftment of the community.

Report by Pastor Francis Kwame Wugban.

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