679 Persons Received Baptism In Pakistan web

679 Persons Received Baptism In Pakistan

The Islamic Democratic of Pakistan branch of The Church of Pentecost observed the Week of Pentecost, held from 22 – 28 May, 2023.

During the week, 679 persons received water baptism, while 1,234 people received Holy Spirit baptism.

The Church in Pakistan is persecuted but it is moving forward under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the week, various services, including evangelical, prayer, and fasting meetings, were held in all congregations in Pakistan. The climax of the week on Sunday, May 28, 2023, saw the celebration of Pentecost.

After sharing the message via Zoom from Canada, the National Head of the Church in Pakistan, Apostle Dr. Jamil Nasir, conducted the baptism service while speaking with the congregation.

After expressing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the believers were baptised in water.

Both Christians and non-believers experienced the Holy Spirit’s manifestation and its power.


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