50-Year-Old Woman Miraculously Healed Of Lumbar Spondylosis

50-Year-Old Woman Miraculously Healed Of Lumbar Spondylosis

Madam Victoria Nhyira Adomako, 50, has been miraculously healed of a painful spine condition that she had been battling since childhood.

Madam Victoria shared her testimony on Thursday, February 23, 2023, during the monthly “Gethsemane” prayer meeting held at the El Bethel Prayer Centre, dubbed “The Supernatural Hand of God.”

Narrating her ordeal, Mrs Adomako, a professional teacher at Apedwa in the Abuakwa South Municipal in the Ashanti Region, said had been having waist pain since childhood, but it became very severe last year in March.

She, therefore, went to seek medical attention at the hospital and was made to run several tests. 

Mrs. Adomako was later referred to the St. Joseph Orthopedic Centre, where she was diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylosis, a condition that affects the lower spine. 

As a result, she was given a wristband to help her balance her movement and support in correcting her back pain, but it did little to bring her any relief.

One of her colleagues told her about the “Gethsemane” monthly prayer service at the El Bethel Prayer at Ho and how he was miraculously healed of his ailment.

“So, I decided to attend the February edition of the programme,” she said.

After the Wednesday morning session, she met Elder Emmanuel Avornyo and narrated her ordeal. Elder Avornyo prayed for her and told her to expect an angelic visitation. 

During the evening session of prayer service, Mrs. Adomako felt a touch and a bit of relief, so she removed the waistband before going to bed. 

“At dawn, in a dream, I saw angels of the Lord working my back pain; they told me I had been completely healed. At that instant, I began to blow in tongues. I woke up still speaking in tongues,” she recounted.

Madam Victoria said that she realised her pains were completely gone, and for the first time in a long while, she could bend over.

“So, I went out to join those sweeping the compound,” she said.

According to her, she has not worn the waistband ever since and does not feel the pain any longer. She was, therefore, grateful to God for the divine touch. 

Report by Pastor Felix Brakatu & HeCan Media.

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