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2024 Global Ministers And Wives’ Conference: My Reflections

One prominent feature on the calendar of activities of The Church of Pentecost (CoP) is its annual retreat held for ministers and wives within the church globally. The year 2024 is no exception, as the church marshalled all its frontier militants to a five-day retreat at the Pentecost Convention Center, Gomoa Fetteh, and other satellite centres across the globe.

A significant aspect of this year’s conference was the unveiling of the second phase of the “Possessing the Nations” agenda dubbed Vision 2028, anchored on the overarching theme “Unleashing the Whole Church to Transform Their World with Values and Principles of the Kingdom of God.”

The vision bearer and Chairman of the church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, carefully outlined the rationale behind Vision 2028 and challenged ministers and wives to own it and propagate the same to the church populace in all local assemblies across the globe. Notable among other key issues highlighted was the release of the tremendous potent power of the church members to transform their world, thereby making Jesus popular again in their communities.

Setting the right impetus for the successful implementation of Vision 2028, some ministry interventions were introduced. Notable among them were the ministry to celebrities, the ministry to Muslims, and the e-church. For me, these ministry interventions will not only aid in the execution of Vision 2028 but will also cause a shift in the ecclesiastical framework of worship in the contemporary generation. Undoubtedly, its impact will be a huge blessing not only to the COP but to the community of faith globally.

For a groundbreaking takeoff, the 2024 theme that initiates Vision 2028 was introduced. The Chairman and other seasoned ministers of the church made presentations on the various thematic areas of the operational theme for the year 2024. Topics treated included the characteristics of the church unleashed, the church as a people of God, tithes and offerings, etc. Their in-depth ministration ignited fresh inspiration, illumination, and empowerment as ministers globally sat to drink and assimilate from the well of our fathers. For me, the apex of all the ministrations in the 2024 Ministers and Wives Conference was the presentation on “Winning the Cities” by the Chairman, Apostle Eric Nyamekye. My admiration for our dear Chairman deepened as he outlined a systematic approach to building a glorifying and attractive church in the contemporary era, especially in the cities and urban areas.

The various sessions of prayer and worship during the conference were so refreshing. It afforded participants the space for spiritual deepening, realignments, times of reflections, and spiritual fortification. One can simply behold a changed and charged atmosphere of believers whose spiritual antennas have activated and are ready to be unleashed to the frontiers of the battlefield. I cannot hide my affection for our dear General Secretary, Aps. Samuel Gyau Obuobi, who constantly offered space for prayerful reflective moments after the Lord had spoken to his church through prophecies.

Furthermore, such an impactful conference couldn’t be complete without good music ministrations. The Voice of Pentecost was simply a delight to behold. Music in all forms of genres was well served, triggering massive revival sessions, especially on Wednesday night. When the Chairman and our fathers stepped out with a Davidic dance, one could ultimately conclude that something spectacular had happened. Indisputably, the Voice of Pentecost has become a household name in CoP as they keep blessing the Christian community with inspirational theme songs and other “Pentecocharismatic” music renditions.

Also, through the great work of the media ministry, the CoP fraternity across the globe enjoyed up-to-date daily newsletters and updates on all CoP media handles with great aesthetic views. The entire media team was simply phenomenal in their delivery.

The 2024 Global Ministers and Wives’ Conference has really released a “fierce wind” to combat any form of opposing inclination, and as I reflect on the totality of the conference, I am certain in my spirit that the Lord will surely accomplish mighty things in the coming years. Without any form of ambiguity, the 2024 conference will be remembered in the historical narrative of The Church of Pentecost.

I cannot conclude without acknowledging the huge investment made by the executive council and the sterling work done by the organising committee chaired by the General Secretary. In conclusion, though Vision 2028 appears humongous, I believe the Lord has given us all the accoutrements needed to effectively advance the kingdom on the battlefield. Surely, he will surmount the insurmountable and make every crooked path straight, granting his church victory. The mantle has now fallen on us, the ministers, to appropriate the physical and spiritual tools garnered at the conference to make Jesus famous in our dispensation.

Possessing the nation, I am an agent of transformation.

Possessing the nations, Transforming my world.

Written by Pastor Samuel Yankey, Tepa Anyinasuso

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