Young Man Buried In Coffin For 2 Weeks Delivered2

Young Man ‘Buried In Coffin’ For 2 Weeks Delivered

Can Elvis Chi, a 26-year-old Cameroonian national was delivered from the hands of the devil during the 2021 Children’s Ministry National Week celebration which took place from September 6-12, 2021.

The Obuasi Kunka Central Assembly Children’s Ministry under the leadership of Elder Robert Boateng organised a Holy Spirit prayer session as part of the Week’s activities. During the prayer session, the young man stormed the place and was prayed for during which he vomited a magical ring he had swallowed some four years back in pursuance of spiritual powers.

According to him, there was a civil war in his country in 2017 which made him lose his four sisters through gunshots by soldiers. To revenge the atrocities on his family, he decided to get spiritual powers that could help him revenge the death of his sister and protect his life.

He visited a fetish priest in Nigeria called ‘The Great Okuku’ based in Enugu State who buried him alive in a coffin for two weeks and gave him two rings – one on his finger and swallowed the other one in a concoction prepared with water from a dead body. After going through that, he became powerful that no metal including bullets and swords could penetrate his body. He also became invisible (who could appear and disappear) before his opponents. He was nicknamed by member of his gang as “The Spirit.”

He said he was given the assignment to kill 1000 soldiers but managed to kill only 207 and burned about 30 churches.  He said that on October 27, 2019, the war became severe that 57 members of his gang were killed in one of their operations but he managed to escape to Nigeria with the help of his evil powers.

Up till now, he said, no family member can trace his whereabouts, since they believe that he has been in the war. He wandered from Nigeria to Benin through to Togo and finally landed in Ghana in search of greener pastures. However, the Spirit of Okuku would neither let him have peace nor be successful in any job he found himself until he completed the assignment of killing the 1000 soldiers.

On one fateful day in Kumasi, while working as a loading boy in a bus station, a lady evangelist approached him and said, “ Jesus Loves You”  which he laughed and ignored in several attempts but the evangelist managed to deliver a New Testament Bible to him before leaving. The first miracle of the Bible, according to him, was that he wanted to place it in his bag but he heard a voice to rather place it in his friend’s bag. Soon after he had obeyed the voice, his bag was stolen but the Bible was safe in his friend’s bag.

Chi and his friend later moved to Obuasi to find a job but the spirit of Okuku kept on tormenting him such that it would appear to him anywhere he went, slept, and threatened to kill him which made him restless in a manner that he even attempted suicide on several occasions but the knife he grabbed to kill himself turned to a wooden stick and when he threw it away it turned back to a knife.

He tried consulting several fetish priests for help but to no avail after taking all his money and sleeping in shrines for weeks.

But on that fateful evening of his deliverance, Elvis decided to pick his New Testament Bible, and not knowing where to go, he landed in Kunka Central auditorium of The Church of Pentecost where the Children’s Ministry was having a Holy Spirit Encounter. He was touched by the Holy Spirit and vomited the ring and was subsequently delivered of the evil spirit that was tormenting him.

Kunka District Minister Pastor Benjamin Sarpong Mensah prayed for him and later presented a Bible to him.

Elvis Chi came to church the following Sunday a happy man and testified that the evil spirit that was tormenting him had fled and that Jesus Christ has set him free. He is now happily fellowshipping with Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), Obuasi.

Report by Ebenezer Asare McKeown.

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