You Are A Minister At Your Workplace – Mr. Mahama To Christians

The Vice President of the Full Gospel Men’s Business Fellowship (FGMBF), Mr. Emmanuel Baba Mahama, has challenged Christians to see themselves as ministers at their various workplaces.

According to Mr. Mahama, most Christians who worship God to the tune of inspiring music on Sundays fail to see that God also regards what they do outside their church auditoriums as a form of worship.

Mr. Emmanuel Baba Mahama said this on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, when he spoke as a Guest Speaker for the ongoing 4th Bezalel Conference at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh.

Touching on some of the strategic approaches that The Church of Pentecost could adopt to facilitate her “Possessing the Nations” agenda, Mr. Mahama said that Christians, particularly members of the church, must not limit their worship to Sunday services but to see the workplace as a setting for ministry.

“Your work is worship, your workplace is your parish; your job is your pulpit, hence, you are a minister at the workplace,” he charged.

In his presentation, he explained that the fact that 39 out of the 40 supernatural occurrences in the Acts of the Apostles took place in the marketplace is a testament that the ministry of God is not limited to the church.

He noted that Christians must view their workplaces a setting for ministry because they spend most of the day there. He urged Christians to see their work colleagues as their congregation and to endeavor to minister to their needs.

He also advised Christians to adopt, what he described as the Luke 10 transformational model of Jesus Christ in their evangelistic approach. 

“We must not be too quick to preach. Let’s rather Jesus’ model, by first being a blessing to those we come into contact with, having fellowship with them and ministering to their needs, then they would be more willing to accept the Gospel we preach,” he said.

The FGMBF Vice President also underlined the need to re-position the local church from a “sitting church” to a “sending church”, where members are equipped and sent into the world to minister.

He also advised ministers to make conscious efforts to wean members off their over-dependence on church leaders but to equip and empower them and release them into the world for ministry.

He advised them to orient their congregations that the Holy Spirit that is operating in the ministers is no different from He who is also residing on every believer of Christ.

Mr. Mahama further noted that it is important that every member of the Church is empowered in this regard because the work of ministry is not only reserved for full-time ministers but to every Christian.

He said that the Acts of the Apostles has not ceased but continues to be fulfilled through the acts of Christians of the contemporary.

“Although in the Bible, the Book of Acts, may have ended at Chapter 28, Christians continue to write the gospel of ‘Acts Chapter 29’ through our works on earth,” he said.


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