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Women’s Director Pays Working Visit To Effiduase Area

The Director of the Women’s Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, Mrs. Philomena Mireku, has paid a two-day working visit to the Effiduase Area of the Church.

Mrs. Mireku was accompanied on the visit by Mrs. Comfort Quampah and Deaconess Ellen Vigbedor, both members of the ministry’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

The visit, which started on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, saw the delegation fellowshipping with the women in the Effiduase, Akyem Tafo and Begoro zones of the Area.

Speaking to the women, Mrs. Mireku said the purpose of the visit was to extend her heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for her unwavering support and dedication to the Women’s Ministry.

She thanked the womenfolk of the area for their active involvement during the recently-held Mid-Year Reports Reading and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

“Your contributions have been pivotal in building an impactful and thriving church community. Your commitment and efforts are truly inspiring. Thank you for being a cornerstone of strength and positivity in our journey,” she said.

Speaking on the theme, “Repositioning the Family as a tool for Maximum Impact in the Local Church”, with reference from Titus 2:1-5, and Proverbs 31:10-28, the Women’s Ministry Director drew lessons from the Puritans’ approach to church and marriage: Mrs. Mireku emphasised the importance of building a marriage on strong biblical principles, just as the Puritans focused on aligning their lives with Scripture.

She encouraged wives to cultivate spiritual unity with their husbands, as Puritan couples often shared a deep commitment to their faith.

To spur on, she strongly recommended that wives practice self-discipline and self-control, mirroring the Puritans’ emphasis on self-improvement and moral integrity.

The Women’s Director highlighted the Puritans’ dedication to prayer and devotional life, inspiring wives to prioritise regular prayer and spiritual growth within their marriages.

She noted the Puritan perspective on submission within marriage, emphasising the balance between mutual respect and a wife’s willingness to follow her husband’s lead.

Teaching the value of a servant-heart, similar to the Puritans’ emphasis on humility and serving one another in love, she admonished. She explored the Puritan ideals of contentment and gratitude, encouraging wives to find joy in their roles and blessings within their marriages.

As a courageous and charismatic leader, Mrs. Mireku emphasised the importance of cultivating strong character traits such as patience, kindness, and forgiveness, which were valued by the Puritans and contributed to a healthy marriage.

She also urged the women to embrace the practice of family worship, as Puritan families often gathered together for prayer, Bible study, and reflection.

Mrs. Mireku highlighted the Puritans’ sense of community and accountability within the church, encouraging wives to seek support and guidance from other believers.

Mrs. Mireku, therefore, encouraged Women, including mothers and wives, to prioritise their health care because taking care of their well-being allows them to fulfil their roles and responsibilities better.

By maintaining good health, they can provide better care for their families, be more productive at work, and enjoy a higher quality of life. Prioritising health care also sets a positive example for their loved ones, encouraging them to do the same.

In her final submission, Mrs. Mireku reiterated the importance of Christian wives serving their husbands with joy as rooted in the concept of mutual love, respect, and partnership within a marriage.

She noted that this nurturing relationship is based on trust, support, and shared responsibilities. While the idea of “serving” can vary, it should be understood as an expression of care and selflessness, where both partners contribute to each other’s well-being and growth.

Finally, she emphasised how joyful service fosters a harmonious and fulfilling marriage, allowing both individuals to thrive emotionally, spiritually, and personally.

The meeting was honoured by the Effiduase Area Head and wife, Pastor Stephen and Mrs. Okyere Acheampong, the Area Pastorate and their spouses, Women’s Ministry leaders and Executive Committee members, as well as officers and members of the Church.

Reflecting on the biblical principle of valuing and utilising all members of the body of Christ for effective and holistic ministry, Mrs. Mireku and her team used the opportunity of the visit to organise training empowerment for Women’s Ministry leaders and officers’ wives in the Church on fostering diversity of perspectives, promoting inclusive leadership, and maximising the potential of the women in the Church.

Report by Effiduase Area Media Team

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