Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

It is that time of the year again, where we get to celebrate Easter habitually. If you stop and ask anyone why the world celebrates Easter, the standard responses would be: ‘celebration of Jesus’s resurrection.’

That’s right. Easter is significantly marked as a festival people of faith galvanised, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ Jesus. Although we worship Christ Jesus as the son of God; confessionally from lots of believers’ perspective, Christ Jesus is a ‘Hero.’ So, Easter is a time of the year we celebrate Christ’s heroism. However, there is one significant question we are all often naive to ask:

Why did Jesus/hero have to die and resurrect? Also, follow-up question: Is He a hero because He resurrected? 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to first understand why Christ came to earth, and the question to begin with is:


Jesus came to earth because of sin. Jesus came to save humanity from sin. In the entire multiverse, Only Jesus Christ was worthy to come and save us all from sin. A sin is an act of disobedience toward God, and it resulted in separation from God. Jesus’s ultimate mission to earth was to bridge the gap between God and us; to restore humanity’s relationship with God.

Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, the first human and the roots of humanity. The autobiography of Adam and Eve is not a Disney fairy-tale nor ordinary allegory. It is a story full of allurements; built on the foundation of a phenomenon and supernatural occurrences. Adam and Eve’s story historically stands as a significant etiology, that evokes a sufficient explanation to the dichotomy of life and the existence of imperfection here on earth. This act of disobedience led to a relationship break up between humankind and God.


The existence of sin within humanity meant human beings were not worthy of being acquainted with God no more. Sin has affected humanity for billions of years, and that is the prime reason why our world today is not perfect. Adam and Eve’s abuse of ‘Free-Will’ subsequently afflicted human moral nature forever.

Sin is the reason there is no peace, no love, no joy in the world. Sin is the reason for centuries. We have witnessed wars and conflicts; it brought lust, greed, hatred, viruses, and many more. All of these transmitted wickedness and disabilities are the result of a perverted human moral nature.


Despite humans’ nature of sin, God’s greatest desire has always been to be acquainted with humans and dwell in eternity with them. God’s dream has always been to live with us, but unfortunately, due to our sinful nature, he had to use an ultimate strategy to restore us closer to Him and restore the entire universe to its original state.

The ultimate strategy to restore humanity required an ultimate sacrifice for sin. Moreover, this is why Christ Jesus came to earth. Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice for sin. The sacrifice of Christ Jesus brought forgiveness to humanity. The sacrifice of Christ Jesus moved God’s heart and made God forgive humans’ nature of sin once and for all.

The basis of Easter rests upon the fact that Christ Jesus came to earth to end the dominance of sin. Cleansing humans and reconciling them back to God. The death of Christ on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice for sin for all. If sin was a debt, Christ paid the ultimate price. If sin was a disease, Christ brought the cure. Moreover, if sin was a prison jail, Christ brought the key for rescue; and that’s why the first Easter happened.


Easter brought salvation. The significance of Easter is not the fact that Christ Jesus resurrected from death; in fact, history records that Christ was not the first or the last human to die and resurrect. The significance of Easter is in the fact that Christ Jesus became a sacrifice for our sins. He chose the bloody execution to bear our punishment of sin. His blood spilled to cleanse humanity forever. He carried our sins on the cross to crucify its power forever. Death was sin’s greatest punishment and prison for sinners, but Christ Jesus defeated death and turned death into a doorway to eternity; exclusively for those who accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


Easter is not another holiday celebration on the calendar; Easter is significantly a memorable day historically for Christians (Christ’s follower). We celebrate a saviour and a hero who lives. During Easter, we remember the labour of Christ Jesus for our sins. We celebrate Easter with joy because Christ set us free from the power of sin and its punishment.

Easter iconically reminds us of God’s demonstration of love and commitment to humanity. Easter is a time of the year we commune to celebrate together as One because we are saved by One blood, One body and One man Christ Jesus. As Christ Jesus said:


That is why we celebrate Easter. When we celebrate, we remember Christ’s sacrifice for us: The body that was broken so we could have an eternal body. The blood that he shed to cleanse our sins and draw us closer to God and dwell in eternity with God when our earthly bodies expire.

The first Easter brought forgiveness and victory over sin. Satan’s brutal punishment over humanity was: sin and death. However, Jesus conquered all of that. His suffering and labor birthed forgiveness over sin for humanity because Christ is the son of God. So he took our sins upon himself, so His Father (God) would forgive us.

This is why we celebrate Easter: Easter is a celebration for the reconciliation of humanity and God by Christ Jesus’s death and resurrection. Also is an end to the powers of sin and punishment for those who believe in Christ Jesus. The blood of Jesus birthed forgiveness, which is the grace we now stand undercovered.

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