We Need God-Fearing Christians To Possess Nations For Christ – Apostle Nyamekye

Apostle Eric Nyamekye, Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, has urged the clergy and church officers to make a concerted effort to raise God-fearing members to carry out the “Possessing the Nations” agenda.

According to Apostle Nyamekye, God has saved believers so that they can be saviours of the world.

“Consider every member of the church to be a saviour of the world,” the Chairman of The Church of Pentecost stated when speaking during the inaugural joint service of the Bolgatanga and Bawku Areas Officers’ Retreat (Apostolisation), Ministers and Wives session today at Bolgatanga Central Assembly Auditorium in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Speaking on the theme: “The Church as an Equipping Centre in Carrying Out the Great Commission,” Apostle Nyamekye stated that the Great Commission’s mandate extends beyond evangelism.

According to the Chairman, evangelism is about presenting the gospel in order for people to accept Christ, whereas the Great Commission is about going out and discipling the nations.

“The church is God’s equipping centre and vehicle for possessing the nations. We must instil in the members’ the values and principles of God’s Kingdom,” he said.

He encouraged ministers to do everything for the glory of God because everything done in the church is done in preparation for the Great Commission.

He urged the clergy and the officers to carry out their missions outside of the church, adding, “The church is not the focus of the Great Commission, but the church is the most significant tool for carrying out our Lord Jesus Christ’s Great Commission.”

Apostle Nyamekye also charged church leaders to spend time preparing before going to their churches.

“As pastors, the districts and communities where you have been assigned to serve are placed in your mandate. Use The Church of Pentecost to affect the whole town as you possess your territories for Christ,” he stated.

He continued: “Pay attention to your Presbytery; they are the primary focus for advancing the agenda at the local level. The most important individuals in the church are the human resources,” he remarked.

He advised the clergy to abandon their arrogance and instead carry the knowledge of God’s elevation in their life.

“Be a pastor among pastors and have a pastor mentality wherever you meet as pastors,” he said.

He counselled both the clergy and the officers to strive to cultivate and carry God’s presence.

“When you are a pastor, cultivate the presence of God, because when you backslide, the entire church backslides,” he said.

He directed the ministers to teach the members how to receive from God, saying, “God’s ability to pour into us is dependent on our ability to receive.”

“The people of the world should receive the law of the Lord (Word of God) from the church. When this is done, there will be no war. The church is supposed to be the teacher of God’s ways,” he noted.

He implored the church to uphold the truth because the church is the truth’s teacher.

“Once the church ceases to uphold the truth, it will destroy society,” he stated.

“The minister should devote time to studying the Bible. To grasp the theology behind the scriptures, he must read. “Do your utmost to gain God’s approval,” he said.

About 47 ministers and their wives from the Bolgatanga and Bawku Areas attended the opening session.


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