Wavesonic Studios Hosts Inaugural Pentecostal Tunes Event2 web

Wavesonic Studios Hosts Inaugural Pentecostal Tunes Event

Wavesonic Studios, a fast-rising music production studio in Ghana, recently organised its first live recording event, “Pentecostal Tunes (Old School Edition),” providing an opportunity for enthusiasts of the Pentecostal music genre to relive old tunes.

The event occurred on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, at Prop-Haven Ghana in Spintex, attracting participants from various Christian denominations.

Attendees were treated to captivating performances by renowned gospel music artists, including Kweku Teye, Ruth Adjei, Bra Kwaku, Emmanuel Arthur, Ako Karl, and the TNS Choir.

Speaking in an interview with PENTECOST NEWS, Mr Johnson Asare, the Chief Executive Officer of Wavesonic Studios and the visionary behind Pentecostal Tunes, shared that the primary purpose of the concert was to bless lives and evoke nostalgic memories of Pentecostal tunes, uniting everyone in the mission to spread the Gospel and impact nations for Christ.

“A few years ago, I strongly desired to promote the Gospel. As a sound engineer, I pondered what I could contribute to possessing the nation for Christ. Through consultations with friends, the idea of a concert emerged, and today, we have made it a reality,” Mr Asare explained.

Mr Asare, also a sound engineer at Mount Olives Worship Centre in the Odorkor Area of The Church of Pentecost, revealed that he initially experienced apprehension due to the financial commitments associated with the event, contemplating whether to suspend it. However, he noted that with the support and encouragement of others, he overcame the fear and pressed forward.

Expressing his gratitude, Mr Asare extended his appreciation to key partners and the public for participating in the event, encouraging them to continue investing in future projects.

Johnson Asare, a multi-award-winning sound engineer, aspires to significantly contribute to the music production industry in Ghana and beyond. He has collaborated with top brands and has produced high-quality sound in Ghanaian music.

The first video of Pentecostal Tunes, featuring Braa Kwaku in a captivating poetry recital titled “Tieoo Tie,” is now available on YouTube: Wavesonic Music. Additionally, the second video featuring Kweku Teye, titled “Ogya Medley” would be premiered on Sunday, June 4, 2023.


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