Wassa Akyempim District 2023 Easter Convention Commences

The Wassa Akyempim District in Twifo Praso Area of The Church of Pentecost, commenced their 2023 Easter convention in an impressive way.

The convention which kicked off on Wednesday, April 5, will end on Sunday, April 9, 2023 at Wassa Akyempim Central Church auditorium. It is under theme: “Jesus Christ, The Resurrection And Life” (John 11:25). It is being held under the chairmanship of Twifo Praso Area Head, Apostle David Nii Addo-Pappoe, with the District Minister, Pastor, Jonathan Oman Nartey, as host.

Opening the convention, Pastor Jonathan Oman Nartey, based his message on John 11:25, Matthew 27:62–66; 28:11–15 among other supporting texts, he stated the need for people all over the world to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ due to His unique nature, being the only authentic source of eternal life.

Pastor Nartey asked Christians to embrace the resurrection of Jesus Christ wholeheartedly due to its significance, saying, “The resurrection of Jesus Christ indicates that those who believe in Him will live again after death just as He did.”

He further stated that the resurrection of Christ has given Christians the power to conquer death, Satan and all principalities, and as such, there is no need for them to live in perpetual fear of Satan and his companions.

“Through the resurrection of Christ, you are have been given the power to rule over all the powers of darkness. This is because the Holy Spirit who brought Jesus back to life dwells in you. “However, you should live in holiness, because sin enslaves people and causes them to live in constant fear and perplexity,” he stressed.

Some of the activities that will take place in the convention include cultural and gospel rock show and seminar for teens, married couples, singles and children.

Report by Joseph Smiles Adu.

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