Upholding Integrity In The Christian Faith web

Upholding Integrity In The Christian Faith

The relevance of integrity in the lives of contemporay believers has become a matter of concern in contemporary times.

Regrettably, it appears that many Christians have begun to overlook and underestimate the significance of integrity in our walk with Christ.

Present-day Christians seem to have shifted focus away from cultivating integrity in the faith journey.

Instead, we have invested our time and attention in worldly pursuits, neglecting the profound transformation that took place when we were redeemed by the blood of Jesus, which calls for us to shine a light of integrity in a world filled with darkness.

For believers, one of our paramount responsibilities is to consistently exhibit and promote integrity in our daily lives.

This commitment serves as a living testament to those who are seeking to embrace Christ but are hesitant due to the negative stereotypes associated with certain Christians.

In essence, without integrity, the world remains in a fragile state, underscoring the urgency for us to prioritise and embody the concept of integrity in our mission to impact the nations.

We must therefore make an unwavering commitment to uphold our integrity unto eternity trusting in the help of the Holy Spirit.

Written by Jonathan Nhyiraba (Oguaa Abura District, Cape Coast Area)

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