Unmasking The Good And Bad Enemies Of Vision 2028 web

Unmasking The Good And Bad Enemies Of Vision 2028


In 1990, I read a story from a Twi book called “Nimdeɛ kwankyerɛ.” The story’s title was “Akuafo atamfo,” meaning “The Enemies of Farmers.” The headline caught my attention because my parents were farmers. Therefore, I ensured I read the entire passage. At the end of the passage, squirrels, grasshoppers, and other animals that destroy farms were enumerated as enemies of farmers, among other things. To the farmer, the squirrel is destroying the palm nut, but to the squirrel, it is having dinner. This means not all enemies know they are being enemies by their actions or inactions.

Many Christians, by their dispositions, make themselves enemies of the church. Likewise, some folks of The Church of Pentecost tend to be enemies of Vision 2028 (Possessing the Nations: Unleashing the Whole Church to Transform the World with the Values and Principles of the Kingdom of God). Since many do not know they are enemies, I term them good enemies for the write-up. The paradox is that some people murmur approbation when the slogan is raised. These may also include members of the clergy, officers of the church, and members alike. Others may also be local, district, and area office holders. Most of these seem to attend church regularly. Unfortunately, they, by their actions and inactions, hate the Vision. Few may be deliberate about it, but many may not be aware that their attitude is tantamount to being enemies of the Vision. You may even be one without knowing. Thus, this write-up aims to unmask specific actions and inactions that seem innocuous but highly detrimental to Vision 2028. As you go through this article, may you become a lover and not an enemy of the Vision.



These are those who undertake activities to fill the columns in the report format. So if they organize forty-five (45) rallies and even win no soul, they are not bothered because they know they will get some marks for the rallies. Five (5) rallies with a soul are better than fifty (50) rallies without a soul. Of course, I would prefer fifty rallies with fifty souls. Moreover, some people’s reports appear better than those of their church. For some, the number that received Holy Ghost Baptism on the report far exceeds those that received it on the grounds. For others, the number recorded in the report for attendance to evening services, midweek services, communion services, etc. far exceeds the actual number who attended those services. Why are these enemies? In a visual field test (an eye test), we call such values ‘false positive values.’ People who give you false positives are like people who okay your car reversal until you fall into a ditch. Rather than giving false positive reports, we should work hard to get true positives Since true negatives are also not the best option.


Where a program is implemented, monitoring and evaluation must be performed. In The Church of Pentecost, reporting is one of the avenues used in monitoring and evaluation. Reporting is done weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or end of the year. Sadly, some leaders of committees and ministries, some presiding elders, ministers, and others fail to submit their reports or, at best, submit them late. This attitude has persisted for far too long. By the grace of God, I have been a local Leader, a District Leader, and an Area Leader, and I can say that at every level, the Leader comes face to face with this attitude from those who are to submit reports. Let us know that the Vision is time-bound, so timeliness in submitting quality reports is critical.


When we were in JSS, whenever a lesson was boring, we would pray the period had just elapsed. We often checked to find out the number of minutes remaining. This is called ‘time marking’. Such time markers will say that the Vision will pass in five years. They count days, weeks, and months. If you are relaxed, praying the Vision expires, you are either consciously or unconsciously being an enemy of the Vision.


They are experts in directing people to perform what is in the Vision document, but they hardly partake in any of those actions. Some of them preach virtues and practice vice. They trumpet the Vision publicly and swallow it privately. They are slogan champions and not solution champions. As I intimated in my introductory remarks, such people are not bad. To them, they are helping. I advise such people that he who knows what is right and does not do it may even be worse than the one who does not know. Do not be a spectator, but be a participant. Be active in ministries, committees, etc. Be part of prayer meetings, evangelism programs, and other programs. Give your best physically, spiritually, financially, etc.


One way your enemy can punish you is to starve you, in other words, to deprive you of resources. The Syrians used this method when they captured Samaria in the days of the four lepers. Vision 2028 will need many resources to thrive. Critical ones are human and financial. Human resources in this context include individuals’ gifts, skills, talents, strengths, time, and abilities. Hence, anyone who refuses to use his or her potential to advance Vision 2028 is literally starving it. That person is an aspiring enemy of the church if not an incumbent one. Financial resources come in tithes, offerings, donations, etc. We are not talking about giving any amount with any heart but giving according to your ability and doing so cheerfully (1 Cor 9:7). We are talking about not being stiff-necked but allowing the leaders’ words to inspire you or allowing a colleague giver to inspire you with their amounts or attributes so you also give bountifully. When you do not give or give grudgingly, you are akin to the nurse who has taken the oxygen from the patient whose oxygen saturation (Sp02) is 30% or the teacher who seizes the student’s calculator and demands that he solves complex mathematical equations in the examination. Make your body, time, gifts, abilities, resources, and family readily available to help the Vision see the light of the day.


One usually will not worry about things that border on their enemies. Those who hate snakes will hardly major in the anatomy of snakes. The Vision must be read, understood, owned, lived, and taught. Refusing to carry any of these roles stifles it and breaks the chain. Every lover of the Vision must not take things for granted. Those who love a particular football club can give you a lot of information about that club, including when it was formed, its past laurels, its current players, its position on the league table, etc. If you love the Vision, know where it is coming from, where it is going, and the key stakeholders.


All the above enemies are good per my definition, but the last group I will discuss is the people who deliberately defame the church. They are bad enemies. They have allowed Satan to use them as conduits to draw people from heaven. When we bring people in, they open the back door for the people to go out. They are primarily found in social media insulting the Leadership of the Church at all levels. They take one unfortunate action and blow it out of proportion. They never highlight the good works of the church. Unfortunately, just as Absalom got some of David’s close associates to his side, these evil enemies get people to support them. They deliberately tear what people have painfully built for many years. For such enemies, the full wrath of God awaits them if they do not repent.


The Bible says that Pilate and Herod were at loggerheads, but when Jesus came in, they were reconciled (Luke 23:12). No matter how much you have consciously or unconsciously hated the Vision, you have the opportunity to be reconciled. Show interest in it, make yourself available, and offer your skills, talents, and gifts. Also, offer your money. Work hard to achieve something and submit genuine reports on time. To the evil enemies, I warn them to repent because it is difficult to kick against the pricks (Acts 9:5).

Written by Pastor Dr Suleman De-Graft Issaka (Tema Greenwich Meridian)

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