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Unleashed In Songs: Reflections From Kara Experience


The Crowds roared, the congregants sang, danced, prayed, tongued in the Holy Ghost as The New Song, the Music Ministry of The Church of Pentecost, PIWC Odorkor, led us in renditions of the songs of the Spirit.

Under the theme, “THE MOVE OF THE SPIRIT”, these skillful young men and women anointed by the Spirit moved the audience to the movement of the wind of the Holy Ghost that was blowing refreshingly in the National Theater to the extent that many of the patrons did not mind the heat generated by the pressing crowd.

Sitting in the service and seeing the Spirit Divine attending to the lifted hands  and the heartfelt prayers of yearning souls….the writings were clearly on the wall that the Holy Spirit had descended with his gracious power – indeed where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

As I kept reflecting on this awe-struck encounter and piecing it with the just unveiled theme of The Church of Pentecost for 2024, it became clear that the UNLEASHING agenda has been set in motion.

As a student of the place of songs in Pentecostal Theology and Spirituality, I was left with no other choice than to share my reflections on how we can leverage the power of the singing ministry as a contribution to the UNLEASHING AGENDA.

I will attempt to draw lessons from KARA Experience


The decision to stage the Worship event at the National Theatre by the organizers of KARA was a bold statement of faith, a departure from our conservative disposition as classical Pentecostals but a perfect fit into the spirit of the vision that effective ministry is not done within the four walls of the Church but one which connects the church to the society.


The choice of the theme, MOVE OF THE SPIRIT, I consider as very prophetic within the context of the unleashing agenda considering that to unleash a people on a transformation agenda is to see them move in power, move in grace, move in giftings and move in new beginnings. From our classical Pentecostal tunes laced with contemporary vibes, flavored with swelling harmonies and garnished with scintillating vocals to foreign sounds, The New Song dished for us meals of the Holy Ghost till our hearts were full with indescribable satisfaction.


It was clear that KARA meant business considering the parade of anointed minstrels who lined up to serve us toasts from the kitchen of Rauch Elohim. It was perfect blend of the fire of Mrs. Grace Gakpetor, the dance of Shadrach Mensah, the oil of Edwin Dadson, energy of Ps. Kyei Boate, the aura of Sandra Boakye, the bliss of MOG and the glamour of Piesie Esther who led us to thank God by taking our shoes and dancing agbadza and kpalogo. Not forgetting moments of impartation and impactation with the reverred Apostles and pastors who ministered in between.


KARA clearly had a definite objective – that the move of the Spirit will release the fire and indeed the fire descended. KARA is one of the few events that blended class, skill and unction. We witnessed evidences of God’s power, demonstration of authentic Pentecostal graces, undiluted release of the supernatural. Indeed, the fire fell and burdens were rolled, bondages releases, shackles broken and lives totally transformed.


Let me sincerely commend FEDEMS, the headline sponsor together with the myriad of sponsors as well as the leadership of the Odorkor Area and the PIWC Odorkor for the huge investments to place this brand on the Ghanaian gospel and global map.


Now in reflecting on this historic event, a few lessons   come to mind

1. Continous attention ought to be given to our songs as Classical Pentecostals as a missiological tool for driving the unleashing agenda.

2. Our Church choirs should be challenged, empowered and emboldened to be dynamic and innovative in their programming, having the understanding that their ministries are out there.

3. Church-based institutions and entities owned by Christian businesses are implored to identify Christian music groups hoisting the flags of impact so they can be supported to do more.

4. Young musicians in the Church should be encouraged to be innovative, think outside the box, take bold steps of faith guided by our fathers to swim in deeper waters because there bigger fishes of impact are caught.

Written by Pastor Kwasi Asante Annor (General Manager, PENT TV)

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