Two Miraculously Survive Gun Attack

The Gushegu District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, Overseer Foster Kokou Payo, was miraculously saved from the hands of armed men who had laid ambush to attack travellers. 

The incident happened on Monday (May 17, 2021) at about 9:00 pm while the minister was returning from an evening service at the Manicheri Assembly – one of the assemblies in the Gushegu District. Overseer Payo was riding on a motorbike with Deacon Alidu Dalabra, with whom he had attended the service.

On the way, an armed man appeared from the bush and shot at them. The bullet miraculously missed Overseer Payo, who was the intended target but hit the hand of Deacon Dalabra. 

The two managed to speed off to town safely. Deacon Dalabra was taken to the hospital and treated for his gunshot wound. He has since been discharged and is currently doing well to the glory of God.

Report by Overseer Martin Ossom Boafo

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