Twins After 20 Years Of Marriage (pix1)

Twins After 20 Years Of Marriage

A couple, Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kate Anyane-Lah, members of Housing Down Central Assembly in the Madina Area of The Church of Pentecost, who have remained childless for 20 years, has given birth to a set of twins.

Three months after the blessing of their marriage on 5th August, 2000, Kate conceived but suffered a miscarriage in the early stage of the pregnancy. After that unfortunate incident, the couple did everything humanly and medically possible to conceive again but to no avail.

They described the humiliations they had to endure from friends, some Church members, and even family members as “unbearable.” At a point, they even decided not to move forward whenever childless couples were called out for prayers.

For twenty years of their marriage, they spent a huge percentage of their income on medications, hopping from one hospital to another, including fertility hospitals, with the sole aim of having a child.

In 2015, they were made to undergo a surgery called Laparoscopy and were promised that they will conceive within two months but it yielded no positive result. At a point, a doctor taking care of them at one of the hospitals said to them: “What else do you want from me? I have done all that is medically possible for you.”  While going home that day, Kate was nearly hit by a vehicle while standing right in the middle of the road unaware.

But to the glory of God, in September 2019 during a prayer session organised by the Women’s Ministry which was led by the District Pastor, Mrs. Anyane-Lah encountered divine grace and her menstrual cycle ceased. Upon visiting the hospital, she was told at the first examination that it was a menopausal symptom because she was 44 years. But a test conducted later showed that she had picked a seed. They did not believe the report so they had to test it three more times by themselves for confirmation with a pregnancy test kit.

It is marvelous that the pregnancy turned out to be twins (two females). Due to her age, she encountered some medical challenges during the pregnancy but God graciously took her through till delivery on 15th May, 2020. The children were named on 19th September, 2020.


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