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The Word Of God Is An Antidote To Sin – Apostle Amaniampong

The La Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle John Osei Amaniampong, has said that the word of God is the only potent antidote to sin.

According to him, the word of God is the only remedy for sin because it can deal with the invisible parts (soul and spirit) of the human being.

“Sin cannot be treated at the hospital; no medication can cure you of your sinful acts, it is only the word of God that has the power to effectively deal with it,” he said.

Apostle Amaniampong said this yesterday when he spoke on the topic: “Equipping the Church with the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit” at the Pokuase Central Assembly auditorium as part of the ongoing Officers’ Retreat of the Achimota Area.

Quoting Hebrews 4:12 and Ephesians 6:17, among other scriptural references, he said that the word of God is sharper than any double-edged sword and can penetrate the inner being of any individual, convict them of sin and cleanse them of all unrighteousness. 

He, therefore, urged Christians, particularly church leaders, to consistently read, study and meditate on the word of God to be equipped as effective transformation agents in the world.

“The word of God opens our eyes, redeems us from the power of Satan, and turns us from darkness to light,” he said.

He stressed that only Jesus (the Word) has the power to save and liberate humanity from the clutches of sin.

The La Area Head also noted that Christians are the “Salt of the Earth” and must, therefore, reverse the corruption in the world.  “We are the Light of the World to drive away darkness in every sphere of life,” he added.

He, however, cautioned that if Christians are not well-equipped with the word of God (Sword of the Spirit) they would not be able to live up to this mandate.

Apostle Amaniampong further stated that the word of God is the only offensive weapon of the Christian soldier, hence they must effectively apply them to be able to face the schemes of the evil one and deliver all those who are under his bondage.

He also said that the Bible is a life manual that contains all the physical and spiritual resources needed for life’s journey.


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