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The True Beauty Of A Christian Is In Sharing The Gospel – Prophet Tetteh Doku

The New Tafo Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Prophet Samuel Tetteh Doku, has stated that the act of sharing the Gospel message of Christ Jesus is the fundamental aspect that showcases the beauty of a Christian.

He emphasised that the true beauty of a Christian does not lie in their physical appearance or innate qualities but rather in their role as messengers of the Gospel.

“Spreading the Gospel makes the Christian beautiful,” Prophet Tetteh Doku said during his sermon titled: “Into the World, We Go” on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at the McKeown Missions Week launch held at the M. K. Yeboah Memorial Temple, Krofrom in Kumasi.

Reading Romans 10:9-15, the New Tafo Area Head highlighted the divine calling of individuals by God to propagate the Gospel and transform the world. He mentioned that those sent by God are equipped with heavenly support and power to navigate obstacles and persevere in their mission.

“When you are anointed for service, you do the work with joy regardless of circumstances,” he stated while recounting his experiences in the ministry work.

The clergyman underscored the transformative power of the Gospel, noting its ability to convict sinners, emphasising that this power remains constant.

He pointed out that God always accompanies the Gospel with signs and wonders, serving as evidence of His presence and power. He stressed that through preaching the Gospel, souls are saved and added to the church, leading to the expansion of the Kingdom of God, as seen in Acts 2:47b.

Concluding his message, Prophet Samuel Tetteh Doku urged Christians not to withhold the Gospel but to consistently share it as they are heralds entrusted with this vital task.

He also encouraged the congregants to support the mission enterprise of the Church by contributing resources and calling and praying for the missionaries.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah

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