The Media Evangelist: Spreading The Good News Through Modern Technology

In today’s interconnected world, Christianity is discovering innovative ways to reach people through modern technology and media. A growing movement within the church is the emergence of “media evangelists” – Christians who utilise radio, television, movies, the internet, and social media to spread the gospel message.

Noteworthy among these evangelists in Ghana are Apostle Eric Nyamekye, Apostle Samuel Gyau Obuobi, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, Pastor William Boachie-Ansah, Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boate, Pastor Elvis Agyemang, and some prominent ministers in The Church of Pentecost (CoP).

At the forefront of this movement is Pastor Greg Durel, a dynamic preacher with a passion for merging Christianity and technology. Through his website, podcast, and social media channels, Durel engages millions of followers with his upbeat, relevant sermons and encouragement.

“Jesus commissioned us to go into all the world and share the good news,” says Durel. “With today’s technology, we have more ways than ever to fulfil that calling.”

Durel primarily focuses on reaching young people, a demographic he says feels disconnected from traditional Christianity. His podcast, “Good News Daily,” provides inspiring stories and devotions in a fast-paced, high-production style that appeals to millennials and Gen Z.

“I want to speak the language of this generation,” explains Durel. “The message doesn’t change, but the delivery system must adapt.”

Critics argue that media evangelism oversimplifies complex theology and reduces Christianity to feel-good platitudes. However, Durel believes he’s bringing timeless biblical principles into the 21st century.

Another angle is that some churches and ministers in our country, Ghana, have developed a significant interest in the media space and are making good use of it. Some prominent figures include Apostle Eric Nyamekye, Chairman of the CoP, who, through his vision, has expanded the media interest in The Church of Pentecost. Gallant ministers such as Pastors William Boachie-Ansah, Emmanuel Kyei Boate, and Kwasi Asante Annor (General Manager, Pent TV) spend their time defending the Christian faith, motivating others with the gospel whenever they visit their social media handles.

Through their active participation on social media, the gospel reaches a larger audience beyond the church premises, saving several perishing souls. Our responsibility as Christians is to proclaim the gospel, and as the world keeps changing, technology takes its place and rules the world.

“At its core, Christianity is about salvation, hope, and having a relationship with Jesus Christ,” he says. “We can communicate those essentials in fresh ways without compromising the truth.”

As media evangelists like Durel gain more traction, Christianity is poised to experience a new wave of growth and engagement. Believers worldwide are excited to see how God will continue using modern communication tools to bring the life-changing message of the gospel to every nation.

In summary, never forget to appreciate the media personnel in the church. If it’s about gadgets, the church should provide them. If it’s about motivation, let the church inspire them to work, remembering that motivation is about money and powerful words. Furthermore, for seminars, invite resource personnel to train the team to deliver good content on social media and reach a larger audience.

Report by Dennis Quaicoe (Editor-Librarian, PENSA-Pentecost University)

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