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The Church Thrives On Unity – Pastor Oduro Asserts

Pastor Charles Oduro, the Yennyawoso District Minister of The Church of Pentecost, has charged members and officers of the Church to unite in everything they do as the growth of the Church pivots around unity.

According to him, since God is not the author of confusion, He cannot be present in the absence of unity and oneness.

“The Church cannot grow without unity because God cannot live where there is polarisation and anarchy, for He is not a God of disorder. Therefore, we have to come together, and with one accord, we can move the Church forward,” he said.

Pastor Oduro made this assertion in a sermon titled, “Repositioning the heart to be loyal to God and the Church” on Sunday, February 19, 2023, at the Redemption Assembly auditorium during the climax of the Yennyawoso District week celebration.

Drawing lessons from the story of Uriah in 2 Samuel Chapter 11 with emphasis on verse 11, the Yennyawoso District Minister gave an exposition on the kind of loyalty Uriah exhibited, following the profound statement he made when King David wanted to persuade him to go home and sleep with his wife to cover up for his (David’s) adulterous act.

“Though Uriah was not an Israelite, he was committed to the cause of the Israelites to the extent that he refused to go home and lie with his wife regardless of persuasion of David whilst the ark of God and the Israelites were at the battlefield. This is rare commitment and loyalty,” he said.

Like Uriah, Pastor Oduro urged the gathering to uphold the virtues of loyalty and commitment in their service to God and the Church.

The man of God also spoke against the “do and let’s see” syndrome, where a leader is left alone to their fate by their supporting teams, saying: “When everyone deserts you, it means they want your humiliation, destruction and death.”

Reading from 1 Chronicles 11:9-10; 2 Samuel 21:15-17, Pastor Oduro explained that David succeeded in his reign because the chiefs of warriors, together with all Israel, strongly supported him.

“Great leaders do not succeed alone.” he stated. He, therefore, called on the congregants to rally behind those in leadership positions in The Church of Pentecost to ensure the rapid growth of the Church.

He also urged Christians not to relent and be swollen-headed when they win victories, but to be ever ready for more battles as one victory calls for another battle.

The clergyman advised Christians not to be like Joab, King David’s army commander, who pretended to love David, but had a different mindset about him as he killed Absalom (David’s son) after he was told to protect him (2 Samuel 18:5-17).

Pastor Oduro revealed that loyalty comes with challenges such as persecution, insult, and hatred, but he encouraged Christians not to give up for things shall surely turn in their favour as Christianity involves two experiences – mountain top and valley down.

“If things are not going as expected, it means you are still in your night, but your daybreak will certainly come,” he assured, adding, “God sometimes pushes a believer into a ‘night’ just to test their faithfulness and loyalty.”

“Joseph’s brothers stripped off his coat of many colours, but they could not strip him of his destiny. No trouble is pleasant, but they prepare you for a higher height (1 Peter 5:10),” he further stated whilst urging the gathering to hold allegiance to God.

Referencing a quote by Bob Marley, a reggae artiste, who once said: “Live for yourself and you will live in vain; live for others and you will live again,” Pastor Charles Oduro admonished members and officers of The Church of Pentecost not to castigate or asperse the Church, saying, “If you slander the Church, you slander yourself.” He rather charged them to defend the Church, make the Church better and check what they wish for others as well.

The week-long event was held under the general theme: “Repositioning the Local Church For Maximum Impact In the Nations,” (Colossians 2:6-7; 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20) with several thematic areas exhaustively treated by various speakers.

Report by Emmanuel Nana Nsiah 

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