The Church Of Pentecost Chairman Visits Effutuakwa Traditional Council asw

The Church Of Pentecost Chairman Visits Effutuakwa Traditional Council

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, yesterday called on the Effutuakwa Traditional Council led by Nana Afranse IV, Acting President, Effutuakwa Traditional Council, and Effutuakwahemaa.

This happened at the Effutuakwa Palace in Assin Foso, in the Central Region of Ghana during his ministerial visit to the Assin Foso Area of The Church of Pentecost.

Addressing the traditional leaders, Apostle Nyamekye said that chieftaincy is a ministry that was given by God to serve the nation and communities and not for idolatry purposes.

“The Church of Pentecost has purposed to draw near to the chiefs in our church and communities, to emphasise on the God-factor in chieftaincy through the Chieftaincy Ministry of the church,” he explained.

He noted that the ministry is to support the royals and chiefs with chaplaincy duties and share God’s Word with them.

He expressed his condolences to the Council for the loss of the Effutuakwa Chief and two linguists, and used the visit as an opportunity to inform the Council on the upcoming Royals Conference scheduled in June this year.

“When someone ascends the throne, one thing that he or she must be passionate about is the love for the country,” he pointed out.

He, further admonished the chiefs to be independent when it comes to deciding on pertinent national issues and avoid taking sides in political factions, since it is against the ethics of chieftaincy in the country.

“When politicians try to pull you into their activities, do well to push back as much as possible,” he added.

He, then donated a box of Bibles to help inculcate the habit of reading the Word of God in the traditional leaders and added two cartons of can drinks.

Nana Afranse IV, Acting President of Effutuakwa Traditional Council and Effutuakwahemaa, in response mentioned that: “Chieftaincy is from God, however, if God has not chosen you to reign over the people, you will never succeed on the throne”.

She thanked the Chairman of the church for his kind gesture and requested him to be praying for them to rule in wisdom always.

Among The Church of Pentecost delegation were Apostle Frederick Kweku Andoh, Assin Foso Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, a section of Assin Foso Area Pastorate and Elder William Amankwah Agyapong, Assin Foso Area Deacon.

Some of the Effutuakwa Traditional Council Members and chiefs present were: Nana Obeng Ampabeng III (Gyaasehene of Effutuakwa Traditional Area), Nana Atona Seku Frimpong III (Adiembrahene, Effutuakwa Traditional Area), Nana Ennin I (Biretuhene), Nana Kyeremanteng Brobbey (Krontihene, Effutuakwa Traditional Area), Nana Asano (Agona Nsuahene), Nana Akumani Kankam (Twifohene, Effutuakwa Traditional Area), Nana Boampong Ako (Assinehene), Nana Buobu (Abamhene), Nana Piefa (Oyoko Obaahemaa), and Nana Amoanimaa (Assinehene Hemaa).

The rest were Nana Animaa Bommo (Adontenhemaa, Effutuakwa Traditional Area), Nana Anokwa (Effutuakwa Ankobeahemaa), Nana Kwakyewaa (Habitat Hemaa), Abusuapanin Nana Kofi Nkrumah (Abusuapanin, Effutuakwa Traditional Area), Nana Mankwa Apabea III (Apetehemaa, Effutuakwa), Nana Oforiwaa Amanfo I (Odikrohemaa, Assin Adiembra), Nana Dansoa Abra (Abesewaa Gyaasehemaa), Nana Kwakyewaa III (Dantwehemaa, Assin Foso), Yakubu Sumaila (Zamrama Chairman).


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