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The Church Must Discern The Purpose Behind COVID-19 – Apostle Mike Etrue

The Kaneshie Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Mike Etrue, has called on the Church to discern the divine purpose behind the current global health crisis.

He explained that by discerning the cause of the novel COVID-19, it will better position Christians to seek divine intervention to curtail the spread of the outbreak.

Apostle Etrue said this in a televised sermon on PENT TV during the recently held 3-day national fasting and prayer declared by the Christian community in Ghana from Friday, 24th to Sunday, 26th April 2020, under the theme, “Oh God, Heal Our Land” – 2 Chronicles 7:12-14.

Reading from 1 Chronicles 12:32, he said that when the children of Issachar had an understanding of the times, it helped them to live according to the purpose and will of God for their lives.

The Kaneshie Area Head noted that by discerning into the purpose of the current global plague, it will indicate whether it was caused by a human mistake and see how best it can be corrected; whether it was caused by an experiment and how a system can be developed to control it; and whether it was caused by a divine judgment as a result of the fullness of the measure of sin so that God can be petitioned to intervene.

“If the COVID-19 is a permitted judgment on the earth as a result of the sins of the world, then it leads us to the next line of action,” he said, adding that a permitted judgment by God on humanity demands compassionate intercession by Christians so that God will shorten the duration of the crisis and restore the people.

Referring to 2 Chronicles 7:14, he outlined four divine steps to compassionate intercession. These are humility, which involves repentance with fasting; prayer through faith in God as the only Saviour and deliverer; seeking the face of God through His word and pursuing His will, and turning away from wickedness and corruption.

“In making intercession, there is the need to use our corporate and individual covenants as a trigger mechanism to invoke divine intervention and restoration.

“As the Body of Christ cooperates and agrees to petition heaven and invoke divine intervention, there will be healing and restoration,” he stressed.

He called on members of the Body of Christ to engage the Lord in prayer based on the covenant between them and God so that the Lord will arrest the situation.

Apostle Etrue indicated that through intercessory prayer God will forgive and heal the land. Again, righteousness will reign in the land, the nation will regain favour in the sight of God, the land will enjoy God’s blessing both material and spiritual, and leaders will rule the nation with the fear of God, among others.

He was hopeful that as Christians continue to rise and intercede for the nation, the Lord will forgive the nation of the abominable sins it has committed, heal and restore individuals who have been affected by the deadly disease.

“No matter the severity of our trials or troubles, we should keep trusting the Most High God. Till the storms stop raging, the voice of prayer should not stop rising to our Saviour. We should not give up our confidence in the Lord our God and not fear and be moved by what we hear, see or feel,” he said.


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