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The Church Has Power To Possess The World – Apostle Raj

Apostle Sundaram James Raj, the National Head of The Church of Pentecost in India, has underscored the power that God has clothed the Church with to take up kingdoms of the world and turn them to Christ.

Speaking at the Heads’ Session of the 18th Extraordinary Council Meetings of The Church of Pentecost on Monday, April 29, 2024, at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, Apostle Raj challenged the Church to rise and take up its rightful position as ordained by God to bring down kingdoms that oppose the will of God.

Quoting from Mark 1;15, Luke 11:20; 17:31; 12:32; Isaiah 41:14; Acts 1:6-8, and 2 Corinthians 4:4, among other scriptures, he noted that God has called believers from every part of the world to form a formidable force called the Church to champion the kingdom of God on earth.

He indicated that possessing the nations for Christ it does not matter the country a believer is domiciled in, because people everywhere are the same (all children of God). Rather, he said, God has placed people at specific countries, ‘knowing what you can do where you are in promoting His kingdom.’

According to him, the ruling party of this world is the kingdom of God which has authority over all things.

He disclosed that God has the ultimate authority, and He has given same power to the Church to take dominion of the kingdom of darkness and rule the world.

‘Our focus should be on the Church because that is the kingdom of God. We should pray for God to use the Church mightily so that we can promote the kingdom of God,’ he said.

Apostle James Raj, however, bemoaned that the Church today sometimes appears to be weak and afraid to assert its power due to fear of persecution.

‘The ultimate authority is in the hands of God. The Church is not to fear the world, but rather the world is to fear the Church. The Church should arise because you have the power, the authority, and the anointing to possess the nations,’ he declared.


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